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It's SUMMER TIME!!!  I just love Summer - as most people do ;)  Getting to spend an unlimited amount of time with my little ones is the best possible use of my time.  Being outside, seeing friends and family, swimming - the list could go on!  Another part I <3 about summer is getting to do some reading that I don't have time to get around doing during the hectic school year.  Ugh!!  Well, this summer - my 'book' load is being very influenced by a BIG decision I made a few months ago... I'm going back to get my ADMIN LICENSE!!  Scary, I know... But I'm SUPER excited about it!  It's a 2 1/2 year program so I get to take it nice and slow.  One class every other Saturday from 8am - 2pm.  Not too bad right!?  I'm already in love with my first class and can't wait to get started on my project. I don't think I EVER said those words in high school!  HA!

Anyways - with that decision, my 'reading' time is being taken up with more 'homework' time - but I do get to squeeze in some professional development reading along the way.  So I thought - HEY!  I wonder what everyone else is reading this summer!?  Professionally or Personally??  So let's all link up and tell each other about these amazing books we just can't wait to pick up and will have a hard time putting down!

Here are my two reads for the summer:

1.     Never Underestimate Your Teachers

For my class, I get to pick one professional book of my choice, that pertains to leadership, to read.  This is the book I chose.  I'm excited about it because not only am I going down this path, but there are a few other leadership doors I want to open before possibly becoming a principal that this book may help me with.  Being a leader has always come naturally to me.  I love being able to mentor other teachers, give them advice, feedback, or even just a material here or there.  I'm hoping this book helps me see even more ways to help guide my fellow teacher to be the best they can be!!  If you've read it - let me know how it is!!

2.     The Truth About Leadership

This is one I've been assigned to read (I technically have one more, but this is one I'm excited about). We've already talked a lot about the author's and their philosophies and its very much peaked my interest in reading them so I'm quite excited about it!  I don't have much to say about it unfortunately - but I can't let you know how it is once I get started!!

So - let's here from YOU!  What are YOU reading about!?  Use the photo at the top of this post and link up with me!  Maybe I can add a few more books onto my list.  They can be professional books, personal books, or both!!


  1. AnonymousJune 07, 2015

    These look like amazing choices! Good luck with your reading and other goals! Thanks for hosting the link up! :)

  2. Good luck on working on your admin license!!!


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