Summer Camp - GoNoodle Style!! (Linky & Giveaway!)

So if you're like me, you use GoNoodle ALL THE TIME!!  If you have no idea what GoNoodle is, then STOP reading this post and go check it out night now!  I mean it.. stop...reading and GO!  It's honestly one of the most amazing resources a teacher of almost ANY grade could use in their classroom.  The website - which is free - is filled with fun brain breaks, exercises, and activities that get the kids up and out of their seat and moving!   They last anywhere from 1 minute to 5 minutes so they don't take a lot of time and are perfect for those in-between lesson times.  GoNoodle PLUS, which is the paid version, is even BETTER!  There are customizable activities you can use for math, reading, social studies, vocabulary and more!  It's worth every single penny!  Whew!  Ok, can you tell that I <3 GoNoodle?  

Well...  as if GoNoodle couldn't get ANY better - they just did!  Starting Monday, June 29th - GoNoodle is kicking off their FREE Summer Camp Program!!  This program is perfect for moms of kids at almost ANY age!  My twins are 2 and 1/2 and you better believe I have them signed up and ready to go!  

If this is your first time hearing of GoNoodle -- Camp GoNoodle is a great introduction that you can do with your whole family!

How It Works:
     Head to camp! Each Monday starting June 29, a new set of five adventures will appear at  Go on adventures! Each adventure uses’s active videos and games for inspiration, and challenges kids to use their imaginations, get moving, and be outside. Picture building your own DIY jetpack, creating an obstacle course race, or making sushi with things you already have at home.  Sing along! Each week includes two brand new camp songs to inspire creativity and movement.  Connect with fellow campers! Share your adventures using the #campgonoodle hashtag to join the camp community. Each week, Campers of the Week are recognized as all-stars and earn exclusive Camp GoNoodle prizes.  Earn badges! Complete each week of adventure by printing the weekly badge to hang up, loud and proud.
There will be 4 weeks of camp...each having a different theme!
All you need for Camp is...
a free GoNoodle account
a device with internet access
a family ready for adventure

If you already have a GoNoodle teacher/classroom account, but want to participate at home with your own family, you will need to sign up HERE to receive Camp GoNoodle emails!

So whether you're a mom of a 3rd grader, a toddler, or even a middle schooler - this program is for you!!  I hope you'll join me as I'll be posting all about it with pictures (adorable ones at that!) of my kids doing all of the amazing activities that GoNoodle has planned for us!  

**Attn Bloggers**  Want to help me spread the word...AND have a chance to WIN some amazing GoNoodle Swag!?  Then here's what to do:  

1.     Grab the GoNoodle Linky Image (both of them!) for your post
2.   Use a program (like PPT), fill in the linky image answering all of the questions
3.  Write a blog post about Camp GoNoodle and use the images in your post - encourage other bloggers to come link up too!!

(use this link in your post so everyone who links up will show up on your page too!)

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4.  Come back here and link up with me!  

GoNoodle is going to use a random number generator to choose a winner from all of the teacher bloggers that link up.  This will occur next Saturday, July 4th.

Here's what you can win!

I hope you'll join me in both participating in Camp GoNoodle AND linking up!  Can't wait to hear all about your adventures! :)


  1. Woo-Hoo! Let's go camping...GoNoodle style!

  2. Such a fun linky! Camp GoNoodle is the best kind of camping! :)

    The Sharpened Pencil

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