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You've probably read this a thousand times if you're a #blogstalker like me, but its so true - blogging friends are the absolute best!  If I may steal a line from my friend Brenda at Primary Inspired, "The world of blogging has opened up SO MANY doors for me!"  This is true!!  And a part of it is the amazing people I get to meet with and 'work' with in the blogging community.  You haven't seen or heard of passion if you've never been to one of these!  (Don't get too jealous if you haven't!  Keep an eye out for info, non bloggers are welcome too!)  

What do we DO at a blogging meet up you might ask!?  ANYTHING!!  We started the weekend by attending the Nashville Sounds Baseball game!!   @GoNoodle gave us these adorable sunglasses to sport!!  

Then on Saturday was the actual 'meet up'.  We had some AMAZING sponsors to help us out!!

At the meet up, we had a delicious dinner that GoNoodle completely paid for!  If that doesn't show you what an amazing company they are, then I don't know what will!  ESGI also was a huge sponsor to this meetup!  We ate, chatted, took LOTS of pictures and just got caught up with everyone - new friends, old friends, and some 'nonhuman' friends (SMORGIE!).  

Can you tell we're all SO happy!  Before we left there were tons of amazing prizes to give away by the donors AND everyone got a swag bag from GoNoodle FILLED with prizes from loads of people!!

That night we all met up again to check out the OpryLand Hotel in Nashville!  

Dinner buddies!!

The next morning we all met for one last meal and one last photo shoot!  

I always leave these events feeling completely inspired and motivated!  These are some of the most passionate educators you'll ever find and some of the best friends I'll ever have.  I hope you can join us next time if you didn't get to come!!  

Happy Tuesday!

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  1. I snagged your Library pic for our blog, too. Great to see you again! Looking forward to Vegas.

  2. Ciera, I am so glad we got to connect in "real life!" Thank you for taking so many great pictures of our weekend. I'm looking forward to seeing you in Vegas!

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