Daily 5 Book Study, Chapter 2

Hi Y'all!  Thanks for joining me for Chapter 2 of the Daily 5 book study!  I'm enjoying every flip, turn, and word of this book and getting excited to begin to implement it!  So here's the low down for chapter 2 :)

The chapter began by asking a very important question that we ALL have to stop and ask ourselves...  

"What beliefs and principles influence your teaching and learning goals?" (pg 22)  

At this point, which was the first sentence in, I had to stop and think.  On what values and beliefs do I stand on when it comes to teaching and learning?  My first one is KIDS FIRST!  If it doesn't do right for the students, then I won't do it..  I'll get back to you on my others ;) 

So as you can guess, this chapter was all about The Daily 5's Core Beliefs and Foundations.  I'm going to quickly go through each one and give a little insight with about them.  :)

Trust and Respect
What I love about this section (all of them really) is that it made me very reflective about my current teaching.  In one sentence, "Trusting children is the underpinning of what makes the Daily 5 work."  Think about it - how can they be doing all of these amazing 'stations' without our trust.  It's something we have to establish from day one.  But how do we do that?  By getting to know our kids.  By understanding that their behavior is a sign that their stamina isn't ready for what I'm giving them and that they either need a break or redirection.  Stamina is something that is taught, not assumed.  Children are almost always doing their very best and even in the difficult times its our job to trust them no matter what.

It makes perfect sense that community is a core belief of the Daily 5 when trust is one.  Those go hand in hand.  Without one there can't be another.  One of my biggest hesitations when it comes to The Daily 5 is accountability.  How will I KNOW that they are doing what they are supposed to?  If I can teach my class to be a community that holds each other accountable in a respectful manner and culture then I won't have to be the one who is constantly up and correcting behaviors and answering questions.  The students rely on one another to do just this.  Again, this is all taught and practiced - we cannot assume that this can be 'known'.  

"It rings true for all of us, not just the children we serve:  When we have some say in the matter, we are much more motivated to complete the talk."  This about sums it up people.  Being able to CHOOSE what they want to do when they want to do it (other than meeting with the teacher of course) they enjoy it!  Maybe they don't want to write every day at 9:30.  Then they don't have to!  This diagram from the book shows that a child's achievement is directly related to their motivation and use of choice in their academics. 

Let me tell you a sigh of relief came to me when I came to this core value.  I do feel that this is one of my own beliefs when it comes to teaching.  I want and need to hold my students accountable and be consistent about it as well.  They basically stated in this section that holding students accountable isn't always about having them complete this specific worksheet.  When doing the Daily 5, students are able to demonstrate their accountability by making acceptable choices in their rotations, noise level, sitting location, etc.  

Brain Research
The next core value is brain research, which I found fascinating to read about! And this is where I had my 'ah-ha!' moment as well that confirmed I need to change the structure of my reading block.  The book stated that "The average number of year the children are in age parallels the average number of minutes they can maintain attention during direction instruction.  What more can you say to that!?  

Transitions as Brain and Body Breaks
Knowing now that students' attention can only be as long as their age, they clearly need a break from activity to activity.  This doesn't always have to be an actual break, meaning they are doing something different like GoNoodle, or brain break activities - although those are great to do every now and then!  Just the fact that they are getting up and moving is giving them the break they need.  This is giving them time to refocus, getting them physically moving, and also provides time to squeeze in a focus lesson.  

These core values are truly the organs of The Daily 5.  Without them, it simply won't work.  Now is our chance to start thinking about how we are going to teach these values to our students.  What kind of classroom management system will we have to keep a positive culture going?  How will we integrate the brain and body breaks into our Daily 5 system.  Will we take into consideration the amount of time the students can learn whole group?  

Lots to think about!  And go!  

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  1. I love this chapter talking about core beliefs. I am also currently reading Teaching With Intention which also looks at a teacher's beliefs. I have been using Daily 5 for about 6 years and every year, I am amazed at how well the students do and that there are always times that we need to go back and review the anchor charts. For classroom management, I discovered Whole Brain Teaching about a year and a half ago and it is wonderful. I find that it fits in nicely with Daily 5 and the brain breaks.

  2. You and I think a lot alike on these core beliefs. This chapter really made me think about how I teach and, most importantly, WHY I did things the way I did. Well now, again thanks to this chapter, I'm rethinking a lot. I'm rethinking what is good and needs to stay and what is not as good and needs to be changed. After this chapter, I'm really glad I decided to follow this study with y'all and really decide if Daily 5 is a good fit for me. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts! I've linked up, btw. :)
    Mrs. Landry's Land of Learning

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