A Look Back to Orlando

I never regret the day that I began blogging.  It has opened SO many doors for me and my profession and has allowed me to grow into this crazy and ambitious teacher!  Last week, my blogging BFF Brenda from Primary Inspired and I ventured on our second conference trip together.  Last year we went to New Orleans for the Reading, Writing, Math, and More conference put on my SDE.   You can read about it here!  This year we went to the same conference but it was in Orlando, Florida!!  We set up tables in the expo hall of the conference to talk to the attendees and get to know everyone a bit better.  It's a great way to network and market our business and get to know teachers from around the country more!  

Last year we took each individual product of ours and sold them individually on CD.  This year we did it a little different.  We had bundles put together!  Each bundle had over 10 products and was a $40 value and was on sale at the conference for only $20!  

We had a back to school bundle which had anything and everything you could possibly NEED for the first few weeks of school.  Then we had an early primary, primary, and intermediate bundle too. 

Here a glimpse of our overall set up!

So do you SEE the adorable PLINKO game my husband made for us!?  It was amazing!!  We had 4 prizes for people to win:  apple stress balls (or as Brenda was calling them:  a stress free year!), pens, TpT coupons (for our stores) and then an adorable print made by my friend Jonee at Rustic Wagon! The prints said "If you think my hands are full, you should see my heart!"  They are simply adorable!!   

We met over 250 educators from around the country during this and couldn't be happier.  And along with them we also got to meet up with some other amazing bloggers!  

We had dinner with Kate from The Brown Bag Teacher.  She was presenting for SDE!  We just adore her!! We got to eat at The Boathouse at Downtown Disney!

And WHILE at dinner, Holly from Mrs. Ehle's Kindergarten Connections was on vacation with her family and was eating at Planet Hollywood and we realized we were 5 minutes from one another, so we HAD to meet up to say hi!  (Please ignore the fact that we are all hot and sweaty - its was almost 100 degrees outside!!)  

Another day after the conference, Brenda and I ventured on the traitorous hour and a half drive to the beach for the evening.  But on our way we ran out of coins for the toll booths!!  So we had to stop and get some more money ;)  

But alas, we made it!!  

We had a total blast during the trip and can't WAIT until we see all of the amazing teachers and bloggers in Vegas!!  

And finally a HUGE thank you to our gracious hostess, Mrs. Deanna Jump.  She let us bunk in her adorable house for the week while we were in Orlando!

Oh the adventures...  

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  1. That looks like so much fun!! I also am supremely envious of your Plinko board! I might just have to see if I can convince my boyfriend to help me make one.

    Shine on in First Grade


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