My First Teaching Presentation!

#ididit!   Yes, I started my post with a hashtag.  It deserves it!  I checked something off of my bucket list last weekend and I'm so proud of myself.  It's always been a dream of mine after starting my teaching career to present at a teaching conference.  Well, last week I did just that!  The good state of Indiana hosted their first ever ISTA (Indiana State Teachers Association) Good Teaching Conference. The applications to present opened up in December and I applied thinking I would NEVER get in, but wanted to start putting my foot in the door.  Well, I found out a few weeks later that they picked me!  AH!  So the procrastination began....  And when March hit I went into panic mode!  But relax - it all came together very smoothly!

Wanna know what I presented on!?  The Gradual Release Model!  Our school has been using the Gradual Release of Responsibility Model now for 5 years and I will never teach another way again.  Through my research and practice I've found that there are a lot of teachers who say they 'use' the gradual release model - but they are missing a lot of important pieces.  I wanted to share all that I've learned from my experiences with other teachers in hope that they would walk away with just one idea.

My first session only had about 7 people in it but I was totally okay with that!  My second one had about 15.  (It was a small conference to begin with - only about 175-200)  I found that I was pretty relaxed and well versed.  I even was asked to come do professional development at a school!  Super flattering!

I had a few requests from the lovely ladies who attended to put the materials I gave them on my blog for them to grab so I'm doing that in hopes that they snag them up if they need them.

The videos are too big to upload so unfortunately I can't share those.  They are of me teaching so you wouldn't want to see that anyway! ;)  

They also wanted a downloadable version of the differentiation ladder template.  You can find it by clicking on the photo below! 

Here are a few photos from the fun day!!

Well, I hope you all have a wonderful week!  Easter is right around the corner!  We decorated Easter eggs yesterday and I did one for TPT :)  LOVE it!!

And I couldn't resist showing you a photo of this little cutie!!

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