Found the Gold Freebie Hop!

The fun is here and gone right??  Wrong!  We are all recovering from what was a whirlwind of green, gold, and glitter.  The author's over at A Spark of Inspiration are coming together to help make your recovery even more enjoyable!  We are creating a pot full of gold just for YOU!  Each stop has a fun freebie for you to download and enjoy!  Make sure you hop all the way through.  Thanks to A Spark of Inspiration for hosting! 

Soooo....  Want some GOLD!?  With standardized test time coming up - these little friends of mine help my kids through it one page at a time.  They are quick and easy to use.  We spend about 15 minutes each day on a skill in the packet.  Is it the most fun of activities?  No..  But is it necessary that they get the practice?  Yes!  And with as little as 15 minutes a day - they barely realize they are doing it by the time they are done.  This packet includes concepts such as beginning, middle, and ending sounds, prefix/suffix/root words, synonyms/antonyms, syllables & rhyming.  Download a free sample of the packet below!

I hope you can find a need for it!  It you want to check out the entire packet you can do so HERE!

But WAIT!  You're not done!  Click the photo below to continue on!  


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