EdExpo 2015 TOP TEN!!

So I can't believe I've been able to keep all of this amazing information in all of this time!  A few weekend ago, I got the chance of a lifetime to go down to Atlanta with 50 other amazing teacher-bloggers.  We all attended the annual EDEXPO!!  What's this you say?  An AMAZING conference/expo put on each year by SDE to showcase some of the most amazing and engaging education products of the upcoming school year!  We got a chance to walk the floors and scour for our "Top 10" products!  All of the bloggers put their "Top 10" together and came up with the ULTIMATE Top 10.  Those vendors were given an "Eddie" award for being the 'best'!  Are you on the edge of your seat yet?  

Well, here they are!  If you're interested in purchasing any of these products, I encourage you to take a look at the EdMarket Dealer to find the best deals!   


The first product is Touchtronic Numbers & Letters from Junior Learning.  These amazing letters are paired with a downloadable app for kids to practice letter and number recognition as well as decoding and reading simple words.  Talk about engaging!  (Click the photo to learn more!)

This one is one of my favorites!  I love Wordly Wise and the same company makes this amazing game called The Reading Game!  This is perfect for early readers!!  The game works in stages to teach students how to recognize Dolch and Fry sight words and then puts them into sentences and eventually independent readers for the students to read!  Everything is fun, engaging, and wonderfully educational.    (Click the photo to learn more!)

The next game is just as fun and maybe even a bit more funny!  The Say It game allows students to practice on level vocabulary in a round robin type game.  This can be used in centers or at the bathroom during breaks!  Each student receives a card with a vocabulary word OR a fun word/phrase.  The students in the group have to create a continuous sentence without stopping using all of the words.  (This may be fun for us adults too *wink wink*!)  Click the photo for more!

There was a tie for forth place!  

Goldiblocks are a fun 'tool' designed to get girls into the building and creating mode!  

Boink Fidgets are amazing tools to use in the classroom for those wiggly little ones!  Fun and helpful all at the same time!

Number 5 was the F.U.N. Empty Number Line by Learning Advantage.  Number lines can be difficult for students to understand, especially when learning something like FRACTIONS!  This number line comes with all of the pieces for teachers and students to use and put together, together!  Chains and hooks allow students to connect pieces on the number line to see where everything belongs.  Very hands on and visual all at the same time!  

The next ones are super colorful and fun!  Math Bands!!  What a great way for students to help practice and learn their multiplication facts!  I can see my kids 'earning' each bracelet as they master their facts.  They can wear it throughout the day and can be memorizing their facts all day long!  

This next one really hit home.  I have so many students who I think would really respond well to this amazing product.  Busy Fingers by Fiddle Focus.  These soft, and tactile blankets and attachable fabric pieces are just what kids need to help them stay focused.  They can be mobile or velcro to a desk to stay in one spot.  This is something quiet that students with ADHD or someone who needs a fidget could use and its quiet!  Such an amazing idea!

So, I'm in LOVE with these products.  Pencil Grips have the most amazing...well, pencil grips!  They are designed to teach students how to hold a pencil correctly in a variety of stages depending on how the student is currently holding his/her pencil.  And they have more than just that!  You should SEE their Ultra Safe Scissors!  

The next one is great if you're trying to implement STEM into your curriculum!  

And there was a tie for # 10 too!!

 So amazing for tactile learners!

And last but not least...

These were just 10 (really 12) of the most amazing products in education around!  I'm super excited to be teaming up with some of these companies so you'll be seeing more of them really soon!  You could even have a chance to win a product or two ;) ;) 

I hope you've enjoyed reading about my EdExpo trip!  I got to meet and remeet so many amazing people, teachers, bloggers, and friends!  It was the weekend of a lifetime!  Which product are YOU going to go check out?


  1. Thanks for sharing! I love the idea of the Math Bands. I can see my kiddos loving those.

    4th Grade Dynamic Duo

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  3. Wow! I wish I could have gone! That looked like so much fun, and I probably would have bought one of everything there!
    It was nice meeting you at the blogger meet-up, and I'm looking forward to doing a Scentsy basket party with you!
    I am also your newest TPT follower! :)

    Ashley Lafleur


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