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We have been WAITING for this day to come for months!!!  The teacher bloggers over at #A Classy Collaboration have been working on rebranding our collaborative blog into something new and better.  And we are READY!!!  Please give a grand welcome to...

A Spark of Inspiration!

Make sure to click the header above to go check it out!  And please follow us while you're their if you don't already!  We have added so many new authors and lost a few friends that we felt like we needed a new do!  What do you think of it!?  I'm in <3!!  

So we're having an inspiring blog hop to celebrate.  What's in it for you!?  Well, take a look!

First, all of the author's have chosen a free product just for YOU!  Here's mine:  

I've taken my Grammar Exit Tickets and pulled a few pages I hope you can use!  Just click the photo above and its yours!!  But WAIT!!  There's more!  

IF you hop through the entire hop you can grab a lot more freebies!!! Make sure to stop by A Spark of Inspiration to see if you've won!  Here's your next stop on the hop!

Have fun!!!

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Technology Must Haves - A Bright Idea Linky!!

Ok - so is anyone else super glad that January is over.  IDK about you, but that was a tough month.  My daughter got sick with pneumonia, everyone in the house got sick with the stomach flu, then we all got a cold, my washer went out, furnace is going out, husband was in a car wreck (don't worry - he's fine!), and school's been crazy.  February has been a lot nicer to me....so far!!  ;)  Ha!  Anyways...  At the beginning of the year, our school went 2-1 on iPads in the classroom.  They have been great, but I must say, I'm very picky when it comes to what my kids do on them.  I just don't download apps and let them play.  What they do on them must be very meaningful.  So I'm going to share two AMAZING resources with you that are completely FREE that I hope you'll find as amazing as I have!  :)

The first one is an app called Show Me.  Can I say WOW!!!  This is a 'white board' type of app.  It has a lot of really fun features, but what I think it neat is its ability to take pictures and videos and save them to the app.  Oh the possibilities!!  I can see myself using this to keep videos on of math lessons for students who are absent.  They have a website that you can explore to learn more!

Here is a cute video of one of my kids using the app with cheese-its to practice area and perimeter!

The next amazing technology tool I want to show you is a website called readtheory.org.  If you've never heard about this website I promise you, your jaw will drop!  I've created a little 'how to' video to introduce it!

If you don't have time to watch it, its basically a great website/tool that you can use for reading comprehension where everyone in the class gets his/her own username and password and can read short stories and take quizzes for points.  The neat thing is that the stories are differentiated and the better they do on their stories, the higher their levels go and vice-versa!  I hope you check it out!

If you liked this bright ideas, make sure to check out the rest of the link up!  

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