Christmas in July Dollar Sale!

     I know we all <3 a bargain!  And with.... dare I say it... BACK TO SCHOOL right around the corner for some of us (12 days left of summer for me), there are bargains to be found all over the place. Well, the bloggers from good ol' Indiana want to help you with that even more!  Presenting...

We have all linked up to give you some MAJOR savings this July, so make sure to check them all out and save, save, SAVE!  Here's what I'm putting up for sale!

Since it is "Back to School" season - I thought a few B2S items would be fitting :)  Two of my most popular back to school items are my Cootie Catchers and my Roll & Cover games.  Take a look!  

My cootie catchers are GREAT for back to school - there are many to choose from.  Some of them are even interactive where the students have to fill in answer to the questions before being able to play (seen in picture on the left below).  There are some for 'get to know you' and then some even for classroom procedures!  Make sure to check them out :)  Click on any of the photos to grab them for $1!  


If you're like me, the first week of school is filled with get to know you games, procedures, read a louds, etc.  When you're getting to know your kids, its hard to do any kind of academic 'teaching' because you're just now learning their levels and abilities.  So for math - I focus on facts!  Whether its review for higher grades or introduction and practice for lower grades - facts are great for back to school.  My kids love Roll & Cover games and I have some cute back to school themed ones!  Take a look!

There are 4 games in the packet - one for each of the 4 operations.  They look great in color and in black and white.  I have mine laminated and ready and easy to pull out and use every year for back to school!
Click on either of the photos to take a closer look and to grab them for just $1.00!!

     Now, if you're REALLY wanting a back to school deal - I have all of my back to school themed items in one large bundle at a huge discount of 25% off!  And what's even better is if I ever make any other back to school items (which I definitely will be) and you've already purchased the bundle - you get the add on products for FREE!  So right now, there are 7 products in the bundle.  The two products shown here (roll/cover & cootie catchers) plus
  • Talk Like a Teacher - a Context Clue Activity
  • Going for the Goals - a Classroom Procedure Goal Setting Mini Book
  • Heard it Through the Grapevine - Craftivity/Bulletin board set
  • Back to School Word Based Fun - lots of games/activities great for morning work and fillers for b2s
  • Race to the Rules - a classroom procedure board game 
So that's 7 different back to school items for the bundled price of $12.00, which is 25% off if bought all separately.  And like I said, I'm in the works of making another b2s item that will go into the bundle when done, so if you've purchased the bundle before hand - you'll get it and any future added items for free!  :)  Definitely something to think about.  Click on the photo above to check it out!

Ok - back to the $1.00 sale...

If your kids are like mine, any time I can get them up and moving during a lesson - they are hooked!  They LOVE my 4 corner games and are always asking when we're going to play one next.  I recently added two of them to my store - the Probability Polka and the Author's Purpose Promenade (all of my 4 corner games are dance themed)  

If you're not familiar with the 4 Corner game - basically you display a question and 4 options in the 4 corners of a piece of paper.  The kids read the question and then move to the corner of the room that matches their answer.  Instant feedback for the teacher, the kids are up and having fun.  Sometimes I even add music to the 'moving' time and they can dance as they move around.  Fun, easy, quick - and did I say fun!  I currently have 6, 4 Corner games in my store.  I thought you might like to try out the Author's Purpose one for just $1.00!!!  Click on the photos below to take a peek!

(While you're looking at them - make sure to check out my 4 Corner game bundle too - LOTS of extra savings and again, access to any future games for free!)

And last but not least - Fall is right around the corner and we all love themed centers yes?  One of my biggest sellers is my Apple Rounding game.  It's easy to implement and there are 2 versions of the game included for differentiation - one where students are rounding to the nearest 10's and 100's and the other takes it to the 1,000's.  There's also a recording sheet included to help with accountability!  Again - it's yours for just $1.00!!  Take a look!  Click on any photo to take you to TPT.  

Alrighty peeps - there you have it.  Now the sale is only for TWO days so don't miss out on all of these savings.  And make sure to check out the other Indiana sellers and their $1.00 deals too!  I hope you're enjoying your July!

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