Let's Get our Math On! *Guided Math Conferences Book Study*

There are SO many things that I <3 about summer!  The sun, spending time with my family, swimming, etc.  Professionally, summers are great because its a time when I can focus on improving my classroom skills by doing some professional reading.  Last year, I had the privilege of participating in my first book study over the title Building Mathematical Comprehension by Laney Sammons.  (You can check out last year's study by clicking on the title of the book above)  She's an amazing author who does a fantastic job of breaking down concepts in math like guided math, using comprehension to help students achieve, and also using math conferences - yes, I said it... Math Conferences!   And that's what we're going to be focusing on this year.  I'm continuing on with my book study tradition and am going to be participating in Laney's next book:  Guided Math Conferences.  Check out the schedule of the book study below!

Each week, there will be at least two amazing bloggers giving the juicy details about their assigned chapter, outlining important concepts, and maybe even designing and giving out a freebie that goes along with what they've read and learned!  What a great way to get professional development!  Each week just head on over to one of our blogs to find all of the information!  If you have any questions, comments, or additions to our posts - make sure to let us know!  We love having discussions as we're reading and YOU can help be a part of them!  If you want to follow any of the above blogs to make sure you don't miss a beat - them make sure to check out this post from Primary Inspired.  She has all of the book study participants' blogs laid out where you can easily click to get there and follow them!  

Click here to read that post!

Now to top all of this off - we've decided to give away TWO copies of this amazing book in hopes others will join us!  Just use the rafflecopter and enter!  It ends soon so don't miss out :)  Let's go get our math on!  

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