Monday, January 6, 2014

Indiana Snowpocalypse 2014!!

So today SHOULD have been my first day back to school, but instead I'm home.  Why you ask?  Because of SNOWPOCALYPSE 2014!!  We just got over 8 inches of snow on top of the 5 inches we received just a few days ago.  On top of that we're having -13 degree temps with -40 wind chill factors. Whew!  Glad I'm inside all warm and snuggly with my family!  We don't plan to go anywhere!!  

Here's a picture of my backyard.  It's hard to tell how much is actually out there, but it's over a foot of snow!!

So to help celebrate this Snowpacolypse 2014, the Indiana bloggers have put together a $1 SALE!  We have each chosen a few fun items from our store and put them on sale for just ONE dollar!  I'm not sure when the sale ends...  I'm going to keep mine on sale until I go back to school.  So maybe tonight, maybe tomorrow? You never know!  I'd stock up now!!  Check out the linky below to see everyone's amazing $1 products!  

I've put on my two new winter items in the sale!  Get them for just $1!  You can click on the pictures below to go directly to TPT.  :)

Stay safe and warm friends!  

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  1. Hello from Illinois! We must be sharing your snowpocalypse. No school for us due to negative temperatures and lots of blowing and drifting snow. But I found your blog AND did some shopping. (Yeah! TPT birthday gift certificate!) Thanks! :)

    1. So jealous!! I got a TPT gift for my b-day back in Oct. and it was the BEST GIFT EVER! So glad you stopped by and I hope you found some great deals! Stay safe and warm!


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