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Happy Happy Sunday!!  I'm so glad Sunday is here!  Why you may ask!?  Well, today is the day that I'm going Christmas shopping with my husband.  It's our family's first Christmas together and I can't wait to buy my little one's gifts and watch them open them.  Yes, I know - it means nothing to them now and they won't even remember it...but I will and I can't wait!  So we're out shopping all day today!  :)  AAAANNNNDDDD...Tomorrow is the HUGE TPT Cyber Monday (And Tuesday) sale!  My wishlist is stocked and I can't wait to shop till I drop!  I've decided to link up with the amazing Christina Bainbridge for her Deck the Halls with TPT linky party!

To check out the linky, make sure to click the button below - but before you do check out my playlist!!

My first one is a seasonal common core favorite:  Christmas Commas.  This is a great mini unit on different comma rules.  It includes dates, city/state, series, introduction yes, no, names.  There's a printable page for each rule and a sorting game to practice them all.  My kids LOVE these pages and I hope yours will too!  Click on the photo to check it out!

My second selection is...  Phonics Reading Skills.  I've been using this packet now for a few months and the improvement in my 3rd graders with phonics and phonemic awareness has drastically improved.  Even my higher readers had eye opening moments.  This packet has over 54 pages of reading skill sheets.  All of them are divided into 3 sections:  Teacher Model, Students Practice, and then On My Own.  Skills included in the packet are 
Beginning Sounds
Middle (vowel) Sounds
Ending Sounds
Same Sound (as underlined letters in a word)
Base/Root Words
Rhyming Words

These pages are great for centers, small groups, guided reading, whole group, etc.  I hope you love them as much as I do!  Click on the photos to check them out!

My final selection is...  Farm Frenzy Perimeter Project

This is one of my FAVORITE math projects to do each year.  The kids LOVE the farm clip art, the hands on application, and the real world connection that makes learning about perimeter really come to life.  Students are asked to help a farmer figure out how much wood he needs to make the pens for his farm.  Students choose which animals they want and then find the perimeter of each pen.  Then to challenge them, they're asked to figure out how much wood the farmer would need in all.  Everything you need is included!  I hope you'll check it out! :)  Below are some photos of my little ones enjoying the activity.  

Thanks to Christina again for hosting this amazing link up!  I hope you enjoy the sale and may your holiday shopping be easy on your wallet!  Have a great week!  

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  1. It is one of the projects that help to improve the development of children as well.



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