Trick or FREEBIE!!

So I hope you've been completely enjoying our Trick or Freebie blog hop!  I'm super excited to be NEXT!  Halloween is one of my favorite holidays.  I always completely decorate the classroom.  I have over 100 Fall/Halloween themed books that I get out and the kids LOVE them!  They get sad when October is over and I put them away.  :(  But don't worry - I have over 100 Thanksgiving books too!  Haha.  Can you say - ADDICTED!?  

Well, I can't post on here without talking about my little ones :)  We got to get them dressed up for Halloween early due to a fun little party we attended.  We found this idea from googling 'costumes for twins'.  My husband fell in love with it.  He rarely gets passionate about things so when he did about this I just couldn't say no!  Plus, he LOVES to create things..  So - here they are!

They went as Goose and Maverick from Top Gun.  I walked around with the theme song playing from my phone.  It was a hit!  The sun glasses didn't stay on for long but I was lucky enough to snap this photo.  They just crack me up!  I'm already thinking about next year - maybe a pirate ship!?  

So I'm typing this blog post on the eve of me returning to school from my two week Fall Break.  Bittersweet....  I'm excited to go back and see my other kiddos but very sad to take my own kids back to daycare :(  Do any of you have family who watch your little ones for you?  Both my mother and my husband's mother are younger (mid 40's) so they've got a while before they can take off work. But oh well...  Fall break did allow me to work and finish a lot of fun activities that I'm super excited to use.  Wanna see!?

Tomorrow (Monday) I'm being observed doing a 15 minute Fact and Opinion Lesson, so I came up with a fun little ppt lesson.  It's cute and easy and great for review!  I hope it goes well :)  Click on the pic to see more!

So we did this Common/Proper Noun mini unit the week before we left for school.  The kids had a lot of fun reviewing nouns with the candy corn twist!  Take a look!

There's a fun matching game, a coloring page, another work page and a quiz included in this little mini unit.  Click on the photo to check it out! :)

Ok, ok - what you REALLY came here for...  FREEBIE!  I'm using this activity this week and can't wait!  I'll take pics if I can remember :)  We're working with plural nouns.  I plan on making the cards per pairs of students.  For each card there will be a small little sticker on the back.  Students pinch what they think the correct answer is.  If they feel the sticker they know they're right!  If not... well, try again!  I hope you like it!  It can be used as a center, small group intervention, or any way you can think of!  Just click on the picture below.  It should take you to a dropbox direct download.  If something happens to the link, please let me know and I'll get it fixed!  

Don't forget to check back tomorrow on Class*y Collaboration for more tricks....I mean freebies!!  :)  Happy Early Halloween!  

A Peek at my Week! (Writing Freebie!)

I can't believe Fall Break has come to an end.  We get two whole weeks and its just felt like a weekend to me...  Oh well.  I'm a little excited to be back on my normal schedule!  Anyone else feel out of whack when they're on break?  Not that I like getting up early, but I like having a schedule.  That's probably the CDO in me..  get it?  ;)  OCD!!  Anyways..

I think it took me about twice as long to plan this week just because I wasn't in my 'groove'.  Here's what's in my plan book:

     Main Topic:  Genres - an overview
     Language:  Plural Nouns
     Review:  Proper Nouns, Story Elements, Fact and Opinion
     Test Prep...yes, I start this early!

     Subtraction w/ borrowing (large numbers)

     Writing with Voice (mini lessons)

(I just realized blogger doesn't have an insert table function..  so sad!)

So Voice is one of my favorite things to teach in writing.  And the reason is...this lesson!  HATS!  Yes, Hats!  Take a look! (Click on any photo to download the lesson plan).  

So I WISH I had a photo of all of the hats I have for this lesson.  I'm always searching the Dollar Tree for more.  This is SUCH a fun lesson to really show how a character's voice changes the engagement of a piece of writing.  I'll make sure to take more pics for you when we do it this week.  I'm shocked I don't have pictures from years past!  If you try it, let me know how it goes!

So Genres is always something I <3 to teach.  And yes, I do teach about them all at once.  I've had argument and argument about this, but I stand by my decision.  I feel like the students need to be exposed to the vocabulary and then throughout the year, expand upon it as they read and read and read.  But who am I to say that's the 'right' way?  Any-who..  I created this fun little spinner activity to help my students identify the genre of a story based upon it's characteristics.  

Students have 3 different spinner to choose from (15 genres in all).  They spin, read the spinner and then decide the genre.  Super easy but yet fun!  (My kids LOVE spinners..)  I just like how all of the genres are included and I can use one spinner to focus on just five genres, or all three to focus on them all.  :)  Again, more pics to come!

Ok, so funny story (I'm almost done, I promise).  A few weeks ago, my kids were doing my resource rumble 4 corner game.  When it was over, they asked - "Ok Mrs. Harris, what 4 corner game will we play next?"  So.. apparently I'm becoming known for these in my room!  They love them!  Alas - the Plural Prance!

Just like the others - students move to the corner of the room that matches their answer.  I've heard from other teachers who have purchased my other 4 corner games that they even play music while the kids are 'moving' around the room to their answer.  I'm going to try that this week!  I love the colors of this one :)  If you wanna take a look - just click on the photos above!  I hope you like it!

This post is already long, so I'll post about my test prep activity tomorrow.  :)  Thanks to those who read all the way to the end.  You make me smile!  Leave a comment and let me know what you think!  I'd love to hear from ya!  

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