Teaching Theme!

I seriously can't believe I'm about to start my sixth week of school!  It's already flying by.  Things are off to a great start though.  This past week, I taught my little thirdies about the amazing topic of theme.  Let me tell ya, the resources for theme are scarce!  We started the week by creating an anchor chart.  After searching Pinterest for some inspiration, I can across this amazing chart.


This amazing chart was created by the Pinspired Teacher.  It also came with many other ready to make anchor charts that I can't wait to use!  Check it out my clicking on the photo above.   After learning about each of the different themes, I read the story The Perfect Pet and modeled how to identify the theme.  We then practiced with The Three Little Pigs.  Tuesday, I was sick.. so no theme practice that day!  Wednesday we practiced theme by reading short stories and using a web to identify the theme and identify evidence of the theme from the story.  The kids did really well.  

Then Thursday, I had an idea.  What if the students were able to illustrate characters who were demonstrating specific themes?  This would be a great way for them to demonstrate their understanding of the themes and be creative all in one!  My kids are very creative.  I thought they would do well.  And they did!  I was so proud of them and can't wait to put their work up on a bulletin board! 

This student is OBSESSED with construction trucks.  He drew them and in his sentence he wrote:  "My character is demonstrating the theme of cooperation by all of the workers are working together at the site."

You can download the printable by clicking HERE for free!  

Don't you just love them!?  Next week, we are continuing theme and I'm super excited for my kids to play my Theme Tic-Tac-Toe game!  I only play it when I teach third grade, which is every other year and I look forward to it every time! The students play tic-tac-toe against on another by picking a movie from the board, reading a summary and identifying the theme.  This includes everything you need:  x's and o's, extension questions, and an assessment.  I have mine all set out and ready to go for the week.  I just hope the kids enjoy it as much as I do!  If you wanna know more, just click one of the pictures below.  :)

 Well, I'm off to check something else off of my to-do list for the day!  I hope you are all well.  And as a thank you for reading all the way to the end, the first 4 people to comment on this post and leave their e-mail will receive the Teaching Theme with Movies product for free! :)  

Happy Labor Day Weekend!

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Back to School Sale and Best and Most Linky!

It's finally here and I'm super pumped about it!!  Even though I've been in school now for 3 weeks, going on 4 - this is one of my favorite events of the season.  The B2S sale is happening on Teachers Pay Teachers on August 18th and 19th!  You can get up to 28% thanks to the amazing people at TPT  They are offering 10% off with the coupon code 'BTS13' and I'm offering 20% off myself!  You can't beat that :)    I know my cart is FULL and I've been waiting to get some fun and unique items to use this year.  Everyone is just so talented and creative, its hard NOT to buy!

So to help showcase some of my favorite items I've linked up with THE Christina Bainbridge for her "Best and Most" linky.  

The Teacher's Pet:   Back to School Bundle Pack

*This is a fantastic pack that's made up of 3 of my best Back to School items.  It includes my:

This is a fantastic bundle pack with a small discount included when you get all 3 at once!

If you like those, you might also like:

Back to School Roll and Cover Games (all 4 operations included)

And my Back to School Cootie Catchers.  These are a hit with the kids and there are lots of options to choose from!  

Next is the Most Likely to Help Your Students Succeed:

For this category I chose my Vocabulary Voyage.  I've actually started this program already this year and can ALREADY - in TWO WEEKS see a difference in my children's confidence, knowledge, and answers for test prep.  It's fantastic and easily to implement.  I highly recommend it!

Finally is the Best Couple category:

For this I chose my Characters with Character and Classified:  Character Traits activities.  The kids love both of them and their super fun and easy!  

Classified:  Character Traits teaches students about character traits using classified job ads.  It has a great real world connection and the kids get to write their own job ad using character traits specific jobs/careers should have.  It comes with EVERYTHING you'd possibly need!

Characters with Character has students matching character traits to specific characters in stories.  It comes with a great recording sheet.  This can be used in small groups or whole group!

Wow!  I hope you can find something you'll enjoy having!  I'd love to hear about what YOU are selling (if you sell on TPT).  Leave a comment and let me know!!  Happy Back to School Everyone!

Latest Class*y Post (Freebie)

Wanna know what I've been up to??  Well - then you'll need to hop on over to A Class*y Collaboration to see!  There's a cute little freebie waiting for ya! :)  Click on the picture below to venture on!  You won't want to miss this!

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