Start Your Engines!! Indiana Blog Hop!

I have been anxiously waiting for today to get here!!  The fantastic teachers/bloggers of Indiana have come together this week to put on a special Blog Hop just for YOU!  Why now?  Because one week from today is the most amazing spectacle in racing - THE INDY 500!  This is a HUGE event that takes place in Speedway, Indiana (not too far from me!).  I have never been, but it's always a big thing my family has celebrated.  We get together, cookout, listen to the race on the radio, make/take bets, and have tons of fun!  I am officially the LAST stop of the Indiana Blog Hop.  I want to thank Anita Goodwin of "I Live 2 Learn, I Love 2 Grow".  You can check out her blog and Indiana Blog Hop post HERE.

So in honor of the Indiana Blog Hop, I have put together a little Freebie for everyone!  It's the end of the year and things are winding down.  We do a lot of reviewing at the end of the year (as I know most of you do as well).  I've made these really simple partner dice games that will help do just that!  It's called Rolling Through the Races!

Basically, you would pick which activity you want to use.  There are both reading and math activities.  Print off the papers and give the kids a die and ta-da!  Instant fun :)  Here's a picture of one of the games.  I made them for vocabulary, spelling, fiction stories, nonfiction stories, operations (math), story problems, and place value.  Not too fancy, but loads of fun!  Click on either of the pictures to download for FREE!!  While you're there make sure you follow me on TPT! :)  

Well, I thank you for stopping by on your Blog Hop through Indiana!  I want to thank Brenda Frady at Primary Inspired for putting this whole thing together!  You can check her out HERE!  She is FANTASTIC and slowly becoming a great blog friend! :)  I hope you enjoyed your blog hop.  If you haven't seen all of the posts, make sure you go back to Brenda's blog - the fun starts there!  Let the Racing BEGIN!

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