Photo Friday! (On Saturday)

So I've been wanting to start up this linky party for a while now, but I'm so bad at blogging on Fridays that I haven't been able to.  So I'll just post my own Photo Friday and make it a linky party some other time.  :)  I have had two amazing weeks back at school.  I didn't realize how much I missed the students.  They apparently missed me too.  My first day back was like the first day of school.  No one spoke out of turn or got into trouble.  It was great!!  I'm glad to be back into my routine of things.  Still trying to get EVERYTHING squeezed in:  blogging, facebook page, TPT, school, home, husband, and most importantly the TWINS.  Lots to do.  Thankfully my husband is extremely supportive.  He was a teacher at one point in time in his career path but it didn't suit him well.  But thankfully that means he knows that it's like.  (And he likes the extra money from TPT too!) So he's always asking if he can help or gives me time to work when I need/want it.  So great!

The twins turned 4 months old yesterday.  It was so busy that I didn't even get to take their 4 month pics :(  So sad.  I'm going to get them taken today - but they're asleep now so it must wait..  

So do you want to see what I've been doing the last few weeks??  Take a look!

We started my Rock Unit my first week back.  We're about 1/2 way done but unfortunately these are the only pictures I have of it :(  I'm super bad at remembering to take pictures.  The kids are LOVING it though.  They enjoy writing in their journals each day and they are even more excited about the fact that they are scientists!!  You can check it out my clicking the image below.

Here's a photo of one student happily writing in his journal.  

And another journal.

 This may look a little...Umm.. ewww!!  But I promise they are not!   These are the igneous rocks we made from the recipe in the unit.  They are delicious actually and the kids loved them!

It was this simple!!

Here is the KWL chart we made.  I'm in no way artistic with a marker/pencil/pen or any other type of writing utensil.  Thank goodness for clipart!  So it's bland but it does the job!

Before I went back to school, I made these amazing finger painting bags for my students' word work center.  Again, I didn't get pictures of THEM using them (yet) but I did remember to snap one of them afterwards. They are great and the kids are so motivated!

We also reviewed Context Clues my first week back.  If you have never heard of the book Baloney you need to go and grab it now!  Check it out HERE.  I read through the book and posted post-it notes next to the 'alien' words.  I had a chart already made out but just covered so the answers couldn't be seen.  I read the book and when we got to an alien word we stopped and used our context clues to figure out its meaning.  The book is adorable and the kids love it!

 Sorry this pic is sideways...

 And finally my favorite!!  We worked on perimeter this past week.  On Friday I got to use my Farmer Frank Perimeter Activity.  Talk about a HOME RUN!!  The kids were more engaged than they had been all week.  It was fantastic!  Click on the picture below if you want to check it out.  (And if you want it - you better be a follower of my Facebook Page - it may or may not be free RIGHT NOW for ONLY 4 hours - until 3pm EST April 20th.)

That's all the pictures I have for now.  I'm working on a fun Writing Revision activity now so hopefully it will be up soon.  Keep an eye on my Facebook Page for it to be posted (and probably free for the first few hours!)   I'd love to hear how your week went!!  Have a fantastic weekend!!!


I hate wasting time away, but I'm so thankful it's Friday!  I just love having my husband around and home with me and the kids.  I go back to work on Monday so this weekend is especially important to me.  We have no plans so I'm hoping for just a nice, quiet weekend on the couch and playing with the twins.  Doesn't that sound amazing??  

To make sure I could have a nice quiet weekend, I hurried and hurried to get my Fact and Opinion Biography Pack done and I DID!!  Take a look!!  If you head over to my Facebook Page you could have a chance to WIN this amazing new product! :)  

Just click the first pic to see a closer look :)

ALso, don't forget to follow me on TPT/Facebook for a chance to win 15 FREE TPT products of your choice!  Contest closes on Sunday!  Just comment HERE to enter :)  What are YOUR plans for the weekend?

April Currently!

This is officially my FIRST currently!!  I've never linked up for this wonderful craze - but I'm giving in today! (Mainly because I'm stalling on working on my current TPT item... HAHA)  So link up with us over at Oh Boy 4th Grade!!

Listening - It's 7AM here right now - the twins are sleeping and I'm listening to the news in the background.  I heard about the Louisville game last night (even unfortunately watched the video - don't do it!) and heard about the player who broke his leg.  Sooo sad to see and extremely hard to watch.  And what makes it even more sad is, with his bone sticking 6 inches out of his leg - he still yelled to his teammates "Win the Game!" as he was on the sidelines.  What a trooper!  I hope he heals well and his basketball career isn't over.  I'm definitely rooting for Louisville now to win the Championship!  

Loving - The twins - how could I NOT choose them!  I know I mention them in almost every blog post I write - but do you expect anything else?  They are still so new and I just can't get enough.  I sit anxiously every minute hoping they wake up so we can play and cuddle and talk.  They are my life and world and I can't wait to grow up with them!

Thinking - Yes, as you all know I go back to work next Monday.  I currently have two weeks planned for when I go back, so that's pretty good!  I'd like to get 2 more planned and copied.  I also have 2 observations to do when I go back so I want to get them planned and materials ready (those take longer than planning an entire week!). I just hope I can get it all done this week and not neglect my children and my husband!  Here's hoping!

Wanting - Who wouldn't want more time in the day!!  What would I do with that extra time? Well, if my kids are awake - spend it with them.  If not, blog - TPT - Create - Plan - the list could go on!

Needing - So it's been 'spring' now for almost 2 weeks and we have YET to hit 60 degrees here in Indiana!!  It got up to 56 yesterday and you would have thought it was 80 degrees on how we were all acting during our Easter celebration.  I just want to go outside and take my little ones for their first walk!!  Come on warm weather!!

Advice - I've learned the hard way - but no harm done!  Always make sure you have others check your work that you plan on selling.  There are many gracious bloggers and TPTers out there that are willing to help edit products.  It's a great way to get to know other bloggers more personally, make friends, and even be asked in return to edit others' products!  I love getting the e-mails back on my edited products and seeing their positive and constructive feedback!  

And now it's your turn!  Go link up! :)  And don't forget about my little giveaway I'm having.  Check it out here!
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