Happy Easter!! (Giveaway!!)

So I have ONE more week home with my little ones.  I have a lot to get ready for school, but I want to spend every moment possible with them...  I just can't believe this time is gone already.  Wanna see some new pictures!?!?

We had a fantastic first Easter together!  The twins were SPOILED with gifts (and not from mommy and daddy!)  I'm sad it's over and looking forward to our next holiday with the family!

With that being said - I need my sprits uplifted so I'm going to have a very EASY giveaway.  Simply follow my Facebook page and/or TPT store and ta-da - You've entered the giveaway!  Just comment below with your 'screen name'  for whichever you follow!  (I will be checking to make sure you're a follower if you win - so no cheater cheater pumpkin eaters!! Haha)  The links are below!

(I have LOTS of flash giveaway's and lots of other teacher news posted on my Facebook page - it's worth following!)

(Don't you want updates on new products!?  I love getting those e-mails everyday about new products being posted!)

Just follow and comment!  It's that easy!  The winner gets FIFTEEN free items from my TPT store of their choice.  And I'll be uploading a lot more items this week so there will even be more to choose from!  It takes 3 minutes - go enter now!  The giveaway ends next Sunday night.  I'll post the winner on Monday, April 8th!  

Have a great week!  I'll be joining the teaching world soon! :)


  1. Just from the time I started following you-your twins are getting so big! They are so stinkin' adorable-unbelievable! I just started following your Facebook Group (Amanda Zanchelli) and have been following your TPT for awhile-I LOVE your products! :)

    Great giveaway! Hope it can lift your spirits because you are certainly lifting ours at the thought of winning some of your amazing products!

    Thanks so much for the opportunity!

    Learning to the Core

    1. You just made my day!! What a wonderful comment to read just before going to bed. Now I can dream wonderful dreams!! You rock Amanda! :)

  2. I follow both! Facebook name is Lisa kordie and tpt is lkgirl24! Try to hang in there going back to work soon! Thanks for great giveaway :)

  3. I don't know how you do all you do with twins. I follow you in both places on TPT as CeciliaB. Thanks for the chance to win. cbartram@kitcarsonschool.com

  4. Wow! That's a sweet giveaway! I follow both as Jean Robinson. :)
    Enjoy your time with those sweet little peanuts!
    Diving Into 2nd Grade

  5. What a great giveaway! I hope you enjoy your time with your babies and that your return to the classroom goes smoothly. I follow both as kjanebarnum.

  6. I follow your blog, TPT, and FB. Your twins are adorable! Thanks for the opportunity!

  7. Those pics are so fun - what adorable little ones you have! :) I follow both your TpT (Cathy VerSteeg) & your Facebook (Cat Marie).

    Enjoy this week!

  8. Your twins are so cute!! Glad you had a great Easter with your family. I follow both: FB (Donna Young) and TpT (Hokie Teach). Thanks for the chance to win!

    Hokie Teach

  9. Your twins are so cute! I'm sure that all holidays will be fun for quite awhile! : ). I follow your blog, Facebook, and TPT store as Brooke Kendall. Thank you for this great chance to win some great items!

  10. Um, you have some adorable children! I follow both FB (erika reyes) and TPT etr2003

  11. I follow your blog and FB as Cherie Mae Ong. I follow your TpT store as cheriemae. I hope you had a fantastic Easter!


  12. I follow you on FB as Kirra Lehmann and TpT as Teacher Kirra.
    Hope you are having a wonderful Easter with your super cute family!

  13. Your kids are adorable:) I follow you on both. Great giveaway! cooney.doublec.laura192@gmail.com

  14. I follow you on both...Rose Loiacono is the name for both accounts. I love your products and your twins are adorable. I would love to win your products!

    Rose Loiacono

  15. Your twins look so cute! I follow both lraines78 and TPT lraines10


  16. It hey are too cute! I follow your blog and TPT store!


  17. I follow you everywhere! lol So funny your little boy looks like Daddy & your little girl looks like Mommy! SO sweet!


  18. I follow you on everything. I hope your transition back to the working world is smooth. I just wanted to create z papoose for my youngest and just carry him around with me. I would be a lot less stressed just to have him close by. I make due with his picture on my phone.

    Crystal Shepherd
    The lamppost in 1st grade math

  19. I just want to pinch those adorable little baby thighs...how cute are those twins?

    I already follow you on TPT (summersuzy) and FB (Susan Lyn). Fingers crossed...as I have admired a LOT of your units on TPT!

    tokyoshoes (at) hotmail (dot) com

  20. Those kiddos are getting so big! I'm sure your classroom kiddos will be happy to have you back! I follow you in both places ( Jessica Stevens )

  21. Oh my goodness your twins are just adorable and they just keep getting cuter! I can't imagine how much fun you are having!

    A is for Apple B is for Blog

  22. They are so precious! :)

    What a fun giveaway, thank you! :)

    I definitely follow your blog.


  23. Your babies are adorable!!! I follow your TPT store and your Facebook page. beth.shavelson@browardschools.com


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