A Few New Products!

I have been working like a DOG lately.  Besides the twins, I've been trying to get things planned for my return to the teaching world.  But one thing I've LOVED about it is I'm finally getting some amazing products finished.  I just wanted to quickly share them with all of you!  

We are doing Author's Purpose upon my return so I made two fun activities.  The first is a Swipe game (one of my many!) and the second is an Author's Purpose PowerPoint and Coloring Activity.  Check them out! (Click on the images to see!)

I'm also teaching Perimeter when I get back.  So I made these two adorable products.  The first one has students practicing finding the perimeter of polygons using street signs.  The second is an ADORABLE perimeter project where the students help Farmer Frank design his new farm.  They must find out how much wood he needs to build his animal pens.  It's seriously too cute.  Probably one of my favorites now.  I hope you check them out too!  

I probably won't post again until after Easter.  I'm wishing all of you the BEST and most blessed Easter weekend.  :)

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