TPT Block (Like Writers Block)

So I love making products for TPT, but everything I make, I make because I'm about to use it in the classroom - like most of you do right?  Well, I'm not in the classroom...  So I'm having trouble coming up with something to make.  (Can you believe my list is all caught up??)  With that being said - I would like to open up my list to YOU.  If you have a topic you need a fun game, worksheet, or something made for - let me know!!  I would gladly make something in your honor.  And of course, you would get a free copy then!!  So if you have a topic you know you're going to teach in the upcoming months or even next year and you want me to create something - I'm all yours.  Put me to work!!

P.S.  My 600 follower giveaway should be open starting tomorrow (If I can get the rafflecopter to work!).  Make sure you stop by again tomorrow!  :)

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