THIEVES!!! (Freebie, Questions, Giveaway)

The week is over and I'm SOOO glad.  I'm not even at school and I'm glad the week is over.  I just absolutely LOVE having my husband home during the day to help with the twins and to keep me company.  Going without adult conversation all day every day is harder than I thought I would be.  Whew!  But alas, it is Friday and he is home :)  Let the family fun begin!

But FIRST - Let's talk about THIEVES!  Haven't heard of it?  It's a Nonfiction Pre-Reading Strategy to help kids pre-read a nonfiction text and to read between the lines of a nonfiction text to better their comprehension.  The word THIEVES is an acronym.  

T = Title
H = Heading
I = Italicized Words
E = Every Bold Word
V = Visuals
E = Every Caption
S = Sources of Information

We use this when we introduce Nonfiction text to our students to help them with their comprehension.  We break down each letter into a separate lesson.  Our THIEVES unit usually takes 9 weeks.  (1 week for each letter, but 2 for visuals and 2 for Sources of Information).  The lessons can be anything really - just basically teaching them to use these things before you read to better your understanding.  I've made some visuals that I printed (enlarged as well) and placed in my room for the students to refer to.  Alas, we have today's FREEBIE!!!

This Freebie includes:

A brief introduction to the THIEVES strategy for teachers, the THIEVES acronym cards to print and post in the room, a Visuals poster to print (enlarge as well) and hang for when you teach about the different types of visuals and my FAVORITE....  A THIEVES cootie catcher!!!  If you grab the freebie, please help me with some questions I have at the end of this blog post.  Just click on any of the pics to grab it!

Cootie catchers are SOO much fun!!  What better way to have your students pre-read a nonfiction text than to use a cootie catcher??  The directions for the cootie catcher are included!  How much fun is this!?

I hope you take the freebie and I hope you enjoy it.  If you have any questions about what to do during the individual lessons, just let me know!  I'd be glad to share what I've done :)

NOW!  Onto my questions

1:  I'd like to give my blog a new do.  So I'm looking for someone who designs blogs.  Suggestions welcome :)

2:  I'm in need of some free fonts - suggestions welcome :)

3:  I would also like some new clip art.  Please suggestions some places/people that have cute clip art.  If you do - please also let me know whether or not I need a license or something before I use it on my TPT items.  

And lastly, my giveaway ends at midnight tonight.  please don't forget to enter!!!  (click on the word enter to go back to that post)  Don't miss out on your chance to win a $25 gift card to TARGET!!!

Ok - babies need held so I'm off to cuddle.  Have a great Friday night!!


  1. Hi...I think your blog is too the bees! THIEVES sounds like it is a great way to get to that pesky nonfiction text. My students always have a tough time with nonfiction. I love, love, love the cootie catcher!!

    As for your questions....I don't know anyone who actually designs blogs...that is why I did my own. But maybe if post a thread on the TpT forum someone could tell you several.

    As for FREE fonts.....Kevin and Amanda....and there are some others...another thing to ask at TpT forum.

    Clip art.....I have to say it must be too early in the morning...because I can't come up with any of the names right now...again....TpT...there is a lot of free clip art in the stores of different people. It may not be what your looking for...but it is a place to start.

    Mrs. B's Nook

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by and for all of the wonderful help!! I truly appreciate it :)

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you so much!! I hope your kids enjoy it :)

  3. I hadn't heard of Thieves before! That sounds like a good way to cover nonfiction. Thank you for the cute freebie!
    Conversations in Literacy

    1. You are VERY welcome! Thank you for stopping by! :)

  4. Good morning! Thank you for the Freebie and thank you for linking up this morning in the Teaching Blog Circle. I am looking forward to reading more about your ideas!
    As far as free fonts, I like azfonts. Just google will come up. I am also a big fan of DJ Inkers fonts. I have to say, I am kind of in love with Melonheadz clip art right now.
    I, like you, love all things cute!! Good luck giving your blog a new do...but I have to say, I love the way it looks right now!!
    Share Your Blog in the Teaching Blog Circle
    The Teacher’s Chair

  5. Great freebie! I will be printing this out and introducing is soon! Thanks!
    I'm a fan of Ashley Hughes and Sonya DeHart Designs for clipart. Both produce amazing work at great prices.
    More Than Math by Mo


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