Go COLTS! I mean..Ravens! (SALE)

Well, even though the Colts nor the Broncos are in the Super Bowl, I'm still Super Excited for tomorrow's big game!  Not only that - I'm excited for all of the AMAZING sales going on for teachers.  So I've decided to join in on the fun!!  

Take a visit to my TPT store for 20% off any of my items!!!  AND if you use the code "Super" on Sunday (only) you'll get an extra 28% off thanks to TPT!!  What an amazing deal!!  I kind of wish I wasn't on maternity leave so I would know what to buy tomorrow.  I'm not used to browsing for items - I usually have a game plan on what I'm looking for.  So if you have an items that's just OUT OF THIS WORLD, let me know and I may snatch it up tomorrow!!

Here are some featured products you might like: (click on the image to see the item!)

Another reason I'm excited tomorrow!?  It's my twins' FIRST official outing.  We've been home since January 3rd and have only been out to go see the dr.  But tomorrow we're heading to my mother's house (about 30 minutes away) for the day and to watch the game.  She's completely excited about it - She's turned my father's basement (man cave) into a 'nursery' and he's not happy!!  LoL  I have their outfits picked out and everything.  So excited. When the weather gets warmer and this whole flu thing dies down, then we'll go out more - but I'm just not taking the chance!

Well friends, have a fantastic night and don't forget to enter my giveaway.  You can read about it HERE.   I'm sad to see that only a few have entered so far.  Really guys - These are TARGET gift cards!!  Am I the only one obsessed with this place!?  I know that's not true - I've read all of your posts about your amazing finds there!!  


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