So not being at school has hindered me in a way of not being able to think of things to make to share with you and to make for my store.  I was lying in bed the other night and thought of this amazing game (at least I think it's amazing)!  It's called SNATCH!  It's a memory game spin-off.  The thing I LOVE about this game is that it can be played to review almost ANY concept.  I have a long list of concepts that I'm going to make this game for.  I hope to sell them individually and in bundle packs.  So excited!!  So, here's my first one.  And because I'm so excited about it and I'd really like some feedback - the first one is for free!!  Take a look!

Click on any of the photos to download the game for free.  If you download it - I'd love some feedback, either here or on my store :)  Stay tuned for more!!  

OH!  And if you love the game and have a concept you'd like to have it made for, let me know!  I'll make it and let you have a copy for free!  

Have a great night!

Multitasking :)

So I'm working on a new series of games called SNATCH!  This game can be used on almost any topic and I intend to make it for all of them :) The first one I'm making is for Long and Short Vowels.  It will hopefully be done tomorrow.  If I'm in a good mood - I may put it as a freebie... ;)  And yes, that IS Ryan Reynolds in the background.  I'm watching The Proposal as I create this fun and engaging activity.  I just love multitasking!!

That's all for now. Have a great Tuesday!

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600 Follower Giveaway!! HUGE HUGE HUGE!!

I'm so excited about this!!  I don't think I've ever been this excited about something in BlogLand before!!  This is the BIGGEST giveaway that I've ever seen and/or hosted..  Seriously - you're mind is about to be blown!  
I have lined up 37,  yes you read that right - THIRTY SEVEN bloggers to give away items for this giveaway.  You think that's a lot?  I'm not done..  I also have 10 non-bloggers who are so generous, they are donating items as well!  

The items being donated are FANTASTIC!!  When I was putting together this blog, I kept putting items on my wish list!  This giveaway includes a lot of new bloggers and some veteran bloggers as well!  The winner of this giveaway is going to be one lucky blogger!!!  Thank you to all of the donors - you rock!!  There are going to be TONS of entry options.  I really hope you take the time and go through all of the entry options so you have as many chances to win as possible!!  The contest ends on Sunday night!  Ok - so here goes!!

(Click on the photos of each donor to follow their store!)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I wish all of you the BEST of luck!!!  Have a great week :)

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