Estimation Fun!

So I had a formal observation yesterday and it went SO WELL!  (Well, I technically don't know that yet - my conference is tomorrow after school.)  But I know it went well because I had fun, the kids had fun, and they performed well on their assessment.  I put the lesson I did up on TPT and I definitely think you should take a look!!!

I did my lesson over estimating to find the sum.  We went grocery shopping from local grocery store ads.  The lesson is based off of the gradual release of responsibility module (I do, We do, You do) where the teacher models the activity while thinking out loud like a student, the students do the activity with a partner while the teacher monitors and guides instruction, and finally the students get to perform the activity on their own for the You do.  The PowerPoint takes you through every step of the lesson with notes at the bottom on what do discuss during the slide.  The last slide has a copy of the printable you'll need for the lesson as well.

The lesson went so well.  The kids were engaged and they met the lesson objective which is even more important!  I wish I had pics to share - but I didn't want to take pics during my observation.  I hope you'll take a look at this amazing lesson :)

Click on the pic to take you to TPT!

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