Stepping Stone Process for Reading Comprehension Strategies

Ok Blogging Friends - I know I've been absent for a while - but finding out I am having twins has completely overtaken my world.  I haven't left you all - I promise.  I actually need your help!  I have compiled a list of all of the reading strategies I could think of.  I am wanting to put them into a list.  This list needs to almost like a stepping stone list, meaning the strategies at the beginning of the list are the foundation strategies that students need to know at the beginning.  The next few strategies would be what the students should learn next, and the last strategies would be the most challenging that the students would learn after the beginning and middle ones have been mastered.  I'm very interested in what your thoughts are for this list.  How would you list them from foundation strategies to higher comprehension strategies??  Think about which strategies the students would need to know/do before they could do the others.  I have a meeting soon and would really like some input.  I'm offering one free item from my TPT store for anyone who'd be willing to help me.  The list I have is below (NOT IN ANY ORDER)

(These strategies are not in any order)
story elements
making predictions
making connections
activating prior knowledge
main idea/details
determining importance
author's purpose
nonfiction text features
context clues
draw conclusions
(If I've forgotten any - please add them to your list!)

Please respond and let me know your thoughts.  I'll respond back and ask which item you'd like!  Thanks for your help.  I truly appreciate the input!


  1. I always start by teaching the kids to be a WORD WIZARD. I guess that is part of teaching them how to understand context clues. They get a yellow sticky, write a word they don't know from the book and the page number. After we read, we all go back, read the sentence with the word in it, and try to figure out what it means. The next one I teach is QUESTIONING..."I wonder why...." and the third is CLEVER CONNECTOR (making connections) "I remember a time I did something like in the story..." Then I teach text to text, text to world connections. Story elements go side by side with all of these as well as retelling. Those never stop, as well as predictions,they get sprinkled in every day, but I do teach the other 3 in that order.

  2. I love your blog! Twins are so exciting! Your classroom is gorgeous! I am your newest follower!


  3. I found out that another helpful strategy for reading comprehension is drawing or making illustrations. It is a more concrete way of visualizing for children to understand especially for starters. Thank you for this list of strategy!

    Daniel Warren

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