Spring Break!

Just wanted to say GOODBYE!!!  I'll be living it up in Naples, Florida for the next week!  So I won't be blogging.  My husband and I decided to not take our computers so we can really enjoy our break!  I might go through blogger withdrawal and you better believe when I get back I'll be stalking everyone once again :)  So long!

New Blog Design!!!

So thanks to Kristen @ Ladybug Teaching Resources - I have the most ADORABLE blog EVER!!!!!  If you're wondering about the 'theme' I chose, my school's mascot is the hornet. :)  Let me know what you think!  

Another great giveaway (2 actually!)

Ms. During - over at Mrs. During's Fairytale is having an amazing giveaway!!  Go and check it out to win a $10.00 Amazon Giftcard!  Woo-hoo!!!


Also... The two lovely teachers at What the Teacher Wants are giving away a $100.00 gift card to the Container Store!!!!  O...M...G...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I am really hoping I win this one!  Go and check it out here!!!

Short week next week - Spring Break!

So next week is a 4 day week for us - that Friday is our first day of Spring Break!  My husband and I are going to Naples, Florida!  Can't Wait!!!!  But alas - I still have to get next week planned.  I want to do something FUN with my kids next week.  No basal book - no regular old chapter book...  Something different and something fun.  Any ideas???  

Inference Activity!

For some reason this is probably the hardest thing for me to teach.  I understand how to infer when its black and white but to easily find examples of inferring in a book is difficult for me.  Anyhoo - one of my FAVORITE activities is to use the books, Never Take a Shark to the Dentist or Animals Should Definitely NOT Wear Clothing.  Both of the books are by Judi Barrett and both have basically the same set up.  The books say things like "Never take a giraffe to the movies".

When I read these to the students to practice our inferring skills, I don't show the students the pictures - I make them use what they know about the animal and what information the author has given us to come up with what we THINK the picture will look like.  They almost always get it right and they love it!  Well, I'm doing these books this week and decided to see how creative my kids could get so I'm letting them come up with their own inferring statement and picture!! Here's what I came up with!

Download the entire activity HERE

Have fun!!!

Photo Friday!!

Since I've been gone from blogging for so long I've been taking a lot of pictures and they just keep piling up!!  So I thought I'd show them all at once and get it over with!!  Here's what we've been up to the past few weeks!!

Chocolate Unit!!!  (Can be purchased on TPT here!!)

Practicing spelling words using chocolate pudding

Chocolate Story Elements Game

Chocolate Sink or Float Activity!

Cwunchy Qwotations!!  (Also on TPT here!)

Visualization (I got the Mental Images printable from another wonderful blogger out there.  I hate that I don't remember who and whoever you are you are AWESOME!  Thank you for those!  If you're reading this let me know and I'll give you a shout out!)  The printable has students write down their visualizations using their senses so I had the students practice make visualizations based on scents.  I bought some extracts at the grocery store and put them in a cotton ball in a small cup.  There was cinnamon, root beer, banana, peppermint, and lemon.  The students had to smell and figure out the scent and then visualize a memory or thought that that scent reminded them of.  It was fun!!

And finally Unifix Cube Fractions!!  (Unifix Cube activity can be found here - Fraction Unit here!)

Woo-hoo!!  I am now caught up!!  It's been so hectic lately and it doesn't seem to be letting up.  This weekend is going to be just as crazy.  I have friend plans tonight, plans with my mother tomorrow (haven't seen her in 2 weeks!), a baby shower on Sunday, PLUS I have to get into school to get planned for next week and I have grad work to do before Sunday.  Ahhh!!  I hope I can get it all in!  Blogging friends - you have a great weekend!!  I hope to see you soon :)

It's been too long...

So whatever could happen in the last week or so happened...  I now have a terrible sinus infection - I've been crazy busy, grading grading grading, and I could keep going but I don't know how long I can type without a tissue in my hand!  Ha!  

I have been taking TONS of pictures of my kids doing fun activities and bulletin boards - but I keep forgetting to bring home the cord I need to get those pics off of my iphone...  My brain has been taken over my mucus - that's my excuse!  

I do have two fun things to share.

This is my friends and I with Idina Menzel.  We got to meet her when she was here in concert last week. It was too great!!!  She's so tiny!!!  

Also - I finally finished my new measurement unit!!  It's 29 wonderful pages of measuring length activities.  Check it out on my TPT store here!  
Hopefully I'll have my strength and nose back soon to post some more and give you an update on what's going on in room 129!  Miss you all :)


So blog friends - I just want to let you know where I was tonight instead of at home blogging for you.  I was definitely at Idina Menzel's concert in Indy AAAAAAAAND I got to meet her!!!  More info and pictures to come tomorrow when I'm not so exhausted!  Good night!!

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