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I'm in charge of planning our school's Fall Book Harvest.  In the past - this has just been a family fun night with a book fair.  This year we want to change it into a literacy night but with fall themed activities.  I'm in need of fall themed literacy activities for 2nd-3rd grade.  Things families and students can do together...  Please please please respond with ANY ideas you have!!! Thanks!!


  1. bob for apples, carve a pumpkin, create a family scarecrow

  2. Write about "My favorite fall activity" on shaped paper. Decorate or paint mini or small pumpkins. Have teachers, parents or volunteers read fall books. Create a non-fiction area with activities about bats or spiders. Write "how to" stories (how to carve a pumpkin, how to make carmel apples, etc.).

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  6. One idea is to make a bingo game with fall words or sight words. The students can use candy corn or any type of candy as markers. The parents can play with them also. We just had "Family Fun Night" at our school and our literacy bingo was a BIG hit! Hope that helps!

    Kelley Cirrito

  7. We did a book exchange where everyone who brought a book got a token- and they could exchange it for books everyone bought- it was free and the kids loved thier "new to them books"
    Connie Hebert- La

  8. We did a spaghetti dinner if they were able to come(did at cost), kids did a book exchange in our library, kids came dressed up if they wanted to, each teacher had different activities set up in their classrooms. We are a K-2 building.
    Just found your blog!! Great ideas!


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