Ideas needed!!

I'm in charge of planning our school's Fall Book Harvest.  In the past - this has just been a family fun night with a book fair.  This year we want to change it into a literacy night but with fall themed activities.  I'm in need of fall themed literacy activities for 2nd-3rd grade.  Things families and students can do together...  Please please please respond with ANY ideas you have!!! Thanks!!

Sadness and Frustration

I'm just going to make a quick post this morning about TPT to see what you all think...

I just sold an item on TPT for $5.00.  It's a 23 page unit over the book, The Chocolate Touch.  This unit includes chapter questions over each question, plus other subject activities to go along with the book.  Someone bought this item and made a comment about it being overpriced for this 'skimpy unit'.  My rating is now a 2.1/4.0 on TPT.

I take a lot of time and effort in the items that I make.  It's heart crushing to hear that others aren't enjoying my items...

Do you think this unit sounds overpriced??  If yes, I'll definitely change it.  Also, what do YOU do when you get a bad review??  (You're all so awesome, I bet you haven't had any!!)  Is there any way to delete this review and get my status back to 4.0/4.0??

Advice needed please!!!

And just so you can truly tell me the truth - I've attached the packet for FREE below :)

(Click the Picture)

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