Story Elements

We always start each year off by reviewing the story elements.  Easy and fun!  I thought I'd change it up a bit this year by getting the students out of their seat.  I've made a fun and engaging activity where the students are given a piece of a fairytale (either the characters, setting, problem or solution).  They must find the other students who belong in their group.  (Ex:  If I'm given the character, I must find the setting, problem, and solution)  After they find their group, they are to sit together and together decide which piece is which story element.  They record their answers and then share with the class when done!  I've uploaded the file to teachers pay teachers!!  It includes enough pieces for a class of 28 students, directions, and the recording sheet.  :)  Please check it out if you're interested!!!  

Check it out here!

The first to comment gets a free copy!!  Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!
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