Classroom Library Linky Party!!

Not ONLY did I find a new blog, but I also found her doing a wonderful Linky Party!!  I think a classroom library can really make or break a teacher's classroom.  I'm proud to say that mine is so full that my students rarely have to go to our school's library to get book!!  Now these pictures are from last year.  This summer I'm going to do a little more organization as far as genres with my books.  But I still think it looks great :)

This is my rocking chair - which is actually getting repainted as we speak!  Also one bookshelf with book organized by author and series!

This is the whole view.  My theme is a reading garden.  If you look closely I have little bugs, water cans, wheelbarrows, baskets, flowers, and trees scattered around everywhere.  I also have the blue fabric in front of the shelves with books on them.  

This is the other side with some pillows and another bookshelf.

If you get some time, make sure you check her out AND join her linky party!! :)  


  1. What a cozy reading area! I agree...a library makes or breaks you. Last year this was my kids favorite thing about our classroom {the tons of books} One thing I need to add though is comics. My kids were so into them this year and I didn't really have any! Thank you for linking up!
    The Sweet Life of Third Grade

  2. Very cute! I just found your blog today and I love it. Plus, I love the bee theme. I have that in my classroom. I am now a follower. Come visit my blog..I'm new and teaching myself. It's so addicting!

  3. Janette NeedhamApril 12, 2018

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