Writing Process Lesson Idea

So way back in the day when I was a student teacher (that's funny because it was only 4 years ago!), I remember going through some 6+1 writing training and the presenter did this really cute lesson teaching the  writing process using play-dough.  I hadn't remembered this lesson until a few days ago and am going to give it a try this year.  It's very simple and very cute.  I typed it up to share with the other teachers at school, but thought I'd also share it with you all :)

Click the picture to download
If anyone has any other adorable writing process lessons - please share!!! :)  Happy Thursday

And the winners are....

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Thanks to everyone who entered :)  Enjoy your Sunday!

Last Night for Giveaway!!!

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Wanna see a MAGIC trick!?!?

In just a few more hours my husband will be turning this...

Into THIS...

I love reallygoodstuff..  but spending $200 on something he can make for under $100 is just not right!! He's making it right now, then we have to paint it.  It should be done in the next 24 hours :)  Soooo excited!!  I'll definitely post pictures when its done!  Happy Sunday evening!

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THIS is why I love garage sales!!!

Any teacher who doesn't garage sale for their classroom is crazy!!  The deals on books, furniture, equipment, etc is fantastic!!  See what I got today!
I got all these this morning going to just a few garage sales.  They are all in beautiful condition!!   
And Yes!  This is the entire set of Junie B Jones books... practically brand new!!  Be jealous!

I also got a flower vase with fake beautiful flowers inside and a new radio/CD player for the classroom (mine broke last year..)  I think I spent maybe...  $25 on EVERYTHING!!!  :)  The summer is almost over, hit them up while you can!  And don't forget to enter my giveaway!!  $25.00 Target gift card and more to the 1st place winner!!

300 Followers Giveaway!!

So it's almost 1:00 AM and I'm still up...  Can't sleep!!  The Harry Potter midnight showing last night really threw me off my sleep schedule.  But I think it was ALL meant to be because I'm on Blogger and found out that I now have 300 followers!!!  This definitely calls for a giveaway!!!!  So here's what I'm offering to all of you faithful 300 followers and any newcomers as well ...

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The giveaway will end on Friday at midnight!!!  One week!  Ready... GO!

Classroom Library Linky Party!!

Not ONLY did I find a new blog, but I also found her doing a wonderful Linky Party!!  I think a classroom library can really make or break a teacher's classroom.  I'm proud to say that mine is so full that my students rarely have to go to our school's library to get book!!  Now these pictures are from last year.  This summer I'm going to do a little more organization as far as genres with my books.  But I still think it looks great :)

This is my rocking chair - which is actually getting repainted as we speak!  Also one bookshelf with book organized by author and series!

This is the whole view.  My theme is a reading garden.  If you look closely I have little bugs, water cans, wheelbarrows, baskets, flowers, and trees scattered around everywhere.  I also have the blue fabric in front of the shelves with books on them.  

This is the other side with some pillows and another bookshelf.

If you get some time, make sure you check her out AND join her linky party!! :)  

NEED HELP!! (Free item from TPT!)

I'm currently getting my masters and in one of my classes I must collect comments via a 'Voice Thread'.  I have three questions I have asked on the voice thread.  If you have a spare 5-10 minutes sometime between now and tomorrow evening, could you PLEASE leave your opinions??  All three questions are on technology in the classroom.  You can respond two ways:  with your voice or by typing.  If you do it with your voice (which is really what I need), you'll have to create an account.  It will prompt you to it and takes literally 10 seconds.  Its free as well.  I'm in dire need of more comments.  Please please please help me out!!!  If you do - you may choose any one file from my TPT store for FREE!! :)

Here's the link:

If you click on it and it doesn't work, copy and paste it into your browser.  I promise it doesn't take long!!  Leave a comment on this blog entry after you're done and let me know you left a comment on my voicethread.  Also let me know which file you want and your e-mail and I'll get it right to you!  Thanks in advance!! :)

Beginning of the Year Bulletin Boards Linky Party

So one of my favorite things when going back to school is putting up new bulletin boards in the hallway to welcome back the students.  I try my best not to reuse any ideas I've had in the past and either come up with or find new ones to use.  Here are some I've made in past years...

The flower box ended up being filled with flowers the students had made based off of their name.   I can add the activity if anyone's interested. (And yes, I know the word 'peak' is spelled wrong.  I fixed it but never took a picture of the fixed door!!)

Now I've only been teaching a few years so I don't have many to share...  I would LOVE to see what you all have done in the past!  Come join me in my FIRST Linky Party!!

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