Time for some new ideas... about teaching TIME

Ok....  we have like 15 days of school left.  The kids have checked out... I'm about to check out.  We've learned everything we going to learn for the year.  We are on review.  I've used all of my resources, games, etc.   I'm in desperate need of some simple, low preparation, telling time activities.  Please please please share if you have any!!!

Is it Friday yet???


  1. Mathwire.com has some I have...Who has...time decks. Also, I purchased at a local teacher's store blank clocks. At one of my centers, I have some stamped blank clocks and the kids draw a clock with the time on it, show it on the WS and write the digital time to go with it. They think it's great! You could also have them put those same clocks in time order.

  2. Why yes I do! I have a couple...here are the links....



  3. You are too funny!! We should name it the end of the year checkout!! Instead of 12 items or less it would be 12 days or less! hehe

    Thoughts of a Third Grade Teacher

  4. I don't know that I can use the words "time" and "simple" in the same sentence. My third graders are better at long division than time-it is so hard for them. I guess I need to check out those resources too:)


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