Tick Tock Clock Dice Game

So my kids LOVE dice games and I try to come up with as many as I can to keep them engaged. With the school year only having FOUR days left... this is just what my kids need!! Here's a simple little game to help review telling time even with a little competition! It's called Tick Tock Clock.

The directions and recording sheet are included!  Enjoy!! 

End of the Year Math Project

One of my favorite things I do at the end of the year is the Favorite Number Project.  This is such a great and easy project for students to do to show what they've learned all year long.  This project can easily be changed for younger or older grades too.  So much fun!  Here is the project I use and the rubric for grading.  

Click on the pictures to download for Free :)  Pictures to come soon!  Enjoy!  

What are some of your favorite end of the year projects?

Character Trait Frames

We have been learning about character traits for a few weeks now and I honestly think the best way to teach them is to have the students describe themselves and their friends and family using the character trait words.  I got the idea of having the students make character trait 'frames' to help describe themselves.  We simply took a large piece of white construction paper and cut a large hole in the middle.  Then we titled the frame and wrote colorful character traits around our frames.  And Ta-Da...

The kids LOVED them!  Hope you do too!  
Happy Monday Night!

Time for some new ideas... about teaching TIME

Ok....  we have like 15 days of school left.  The kids have checked out... I'm about to check out.  We've learned everything we going to learn for the year.  We are on review.  I've used all of my resources, games, etc.   I'm in desperate need of some simple, low preparation, telling time activities.  Please please please share if you have any!!!

Is it Friday yet???

Blogger Trouble

So I'm really freaking out here.  All day long today, my blogger dashboard has said that "I'm not currently following any blogs...".  WHAT!?!?  I currently follow about 200+ AMAZING blogs!  What's going on!?!?  I haven't been able to check anyone else's blog today.. :(  I really sad.  I hope that something hasn't happened and I have to go back and find all of them again.  Anyone else had this trouble?  HELP!!!

Teachers Pay Teachers..

Is not working right now!!!!!  I'm so mad!  I want to take advantage of this huge sale going on and it's getting close to my bedtime ;)  I hope they get it back up and running soon.  :)

So so busy...

I feel like such a bad blogger...  I haven't had time to be on here much to update, but I promise there will be more to come soon!  I just wanted to let everyone know that in light of Teacher Appreciation Week I'm having a 10% off sale!!!  Check out my store soon.  The sale ends Friday!  Happy Shopping.  I appreciate all of YOU!
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