Need some of your amazing ideas :)

One of my other passions other than teaching is event planning and 'fortunately' my principal has picked up on that :)  For the last three years I've been in charge of planning our school's Fall Book Harvest.  To add onto that I'm now in charge of planning our school's first annual Spring "Book-nic".  It's basically a fun literacy night - but outdoors!  I have to come up with some literacy stations that can all take place outdoors for students, a parent station, and more.  Here's what I've thought up so far:

*summer themed literacy basket giveaway
*book walk (cake walk)
*fishing for inferences - kiddie pool full of magnetic fish and fishing poles
*Jumping rope rhymes - fluency
*red and white picnic table covers for decoration
*sidewalk chalk race w/ sounds? - letters and sounds are written on the ground - teacher gives a word and asks what letter makes the begging sound - students race to find that letter
*Letter Hunt? - kind of like eye spy but with letter
*Campfire w/ guest readers (free s'mores snack while listening?)
*5 senses exploration activity?

I teach at a 2-3 school and some of those activities are pretty simple as far as literacy goes.  I'm wanting more advanced, but still 'easy' types of ideas that can be done with a small group - one teacher (maybe two), outdoors and with somewhat limited resources.  What ideas do you have for me???  

I also have to have a parent station - I want to do something cute for them - while still giving them ideas on how to continue their child's education over the summer.  Any ideas here too?  

Just thought I'd see what you all have to offer me :)  Thanks in advance for any ideas!!  


  1. I would do a make and take for the parent station. Go to the FCRR website to find some amazing make it yourself literacy centers. Our first grade team had a parent literacy workshop using items from the site and it was a hit! I will be sending good thoughts to you regarding your planning, I am in the middle of planning Career Day, a monumental event at our school. I pretty much stop eating from February to May!

    Hope this helps.

  2. what if you do some sort of "Tool Kit" for parents- maybe you can tie it to summer by having the tools be hoses and shovels and seeds or whatever. But you can include web resources ("Dig up more resources"), skill lists, easy-to-make tools to help with reading comprehension (question guides or something). Or you can even call it "Parent Picnic" and have it all be in a picnic basket and picnic themed...

    I just always like to give resources and easy-to-do activies to parents.

    hope it helps! or sparks an idea!!


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