I'm back!!!

I'm back from Florida!!  I'll tell you what... going from constant 90 degree weather to 30 degree weather is NOT fun!  But I'm glad to be back home with my dogs and cats.  :)  I missed them terribly!  Here are a few pictures from my trip!  

View from our condo

Naples' 5th Ave.

What a great view!

My husband and I before we leave for Key West

On the boat to Key West.  What beautiful water!

Our first glimpse of Key West

The southernmost point in the U.S.!

Mile Marker 0!

The vacation was so much fun!!  But like I said - I'm glad to be home and glad to have only TWO months of school left :)  I'm looking forward to this summer. :)  I'm thinking about having a giveaway soon so lookout for that!!  TTYL!

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