Donors Choose Project Funded and Much More!

So much has been going on in the past few weeks here in room 129!  A few weeks ago I was the lucky recipient of a Donors Choose grant!!  This is my fourth one - they're so much fun!!  This one was "Testing" themed.  All of the materials were to ready my students for the big and dreadful state standardized test!  Take a look at the box!

 Here are my students working on the tornado experiment observation from The Inspired Apple's Wizard of Oz unit!!  They had so much fun!!

Any time I get a Donors Choose project, I always explain to the students why we got these and what its for.  Then I let them 'explore' our new products while I take pictures for the thank you package.   Here they are exploring!

Ok, so the other day a fellow teacher ran into my room and said "You HAVE to come see Allen!"  (For those of you who haven't read yet - Allen is the service dog our school has who lives with me and is placed out of my room.  He travels to different rooms to work with small groups of kids and individuals. There's a post about him very close to the beginning of my blog)  Anyways, I run back to her room with her and there was Allen all snuggled up in the PURDUE pillows.  First off - I'm NOT a Purdue fan so I'm guessing he's trying to be rebellious ;)  Second, those pillows were pushed together against the wall before he got there.  He decided to separate them and make himself at home!  Too adorable!

So like I said above - I did the Wizard of Oz unit the week before Spring Break.  I added a few cute ideas to support the standards we were reviewing, which were prefixes/suffixes and multiple meaning words.  So I decided to create a 'scene' from the Wizard of Oz by making the poppies and rainbows!  The poppies have a prefix or suffix in the middle with words that include that prefix or suffix around on the petals!  They're so cute!  Then I did multiple meaning words on the rainbows.  The students wrote on word on the left side of the rainbow and another on the right and then used two of the arches to write the definitions.  I wish I had close up pictures of them but I'm silly and forgot to take them!  So here it is! :)  I'm NOT crafty - so this is good for me!  (And at the bottom I picked 5 students to place their writings that we did, which were included in the W.O.O. Unit from The Inspired Apple!!  

And finally this is our door now!  One morning I decided to pass out some of the spring type paper I had, one to each student and I had them write why they were excited for spring!  Nothing formal or fancy, no editing - just pure writing.  The kids loved it and now they're on the door!  

Woo!  Lots of pictures!  One quick question before I go..  There's a grant available through our school's education foundation and I'm stuck on an idea.  It can be anything under $2000..  but the materials CAN'T be something that can be found on Donors Choose.  Any fun grant projects or ideas out there???  Let me know!!


  1. Congrats on the Donor's Choose items! My first project was just fully funded today! I can't wait to get my materials! :)

  2. The kids look like they are having a blast. Congratulations on the project getting funded!

  3. I wrote a grant for 5 iPod touches from our Education Foundation. I am sure you could get it from Donors Choose- but our guidelines are that the grant must be innovative and something the school could not provide. If you do not have iPods they are great. I wrote about them on my blog.
    Good luck!

  4. Congratulations! Please give my brand new blog a look. I have your button on my sidebar! :)
    The Apple Basket Teacher

  5. Mrs. H...

    Not sure how to spread the word but to post on a few blogs. :) I want teachers to know that they are welcome to the new Math Monday blog hop:

    Hope to see you there!



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