It's been too long...

So whatever could happen in the last week or so happened...  I now have a terrible sinus infection - I've been crazy busy, grading grading grading, and I could keep going but I don't know how long I can type without a tissue in my hand!  Ha!  

I have been taking TONS of pictures of my kids doing fun activities and bulletin boards - but I keep forgetting to bring home the cord I need to get those pics off of my iphone...  My brain has been taken over my mucus - that's my excuse!  

I do have two fun things to share.

This is my friends and I with Idina Menzel.  We got to meet her when she was here in concert last week. It was too great!!!  She's so tiny!!!  

Also - I finally finished my new measurement unit!!  It's 29 wonderful pages of measuring length activities.  Check it out on my TPT store here!  
Hopefully I'll have my strength and nose back soon to post some more and give you an update on what's going on in room 129!  Miss you all :)

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  1. How cool! She is pretty awesome. I also think she is married to Taye Diggs...mmmmhmmm....he is quite nice to look at. I loved her in RENT.


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