Inference Activity!

For some reason this is probably the hardest thing for me to teach.  I understand how to infer when its black and white but to easily find examples of inferring in a book is difficult for me.  Anyhoo - one of my FAVORITE activities is to use the books, Never Take a Shark to the Dentist or Animals Should Definitely NOT Wear Clothing.  Both of the books are by Judi Barrett and both have basically the same set up.  The books say things like "Never take a giraffe to the movies".

When I read these to the students to practice our inferring skills, I don't show the students the pictures - I make them use what they know about the animal and what information the author has given us to come up with what we THINK the picture will look like.  They almost always get it right and they love it!  Well, I'm doing these books this week and decided to see how creative my kids could get so I'm letting them come up with their own inferring statement and picture!! Here's what I came up with!

Download the entire activity HERE

Have fun!!!


  1. Great idea. I posted some inferring lessons too. Great minds think alike. I am looking for good ideas so I appreciate you sharing yours!

  2. Cool ideas!! Thanks for sharing! I just bought the Bed Head book and I haven't gotten to it yet. Gotta love it! Life in the fast lane!


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