Valentine's Day Coupon Book!

So my kids LOVE making things for others - especially their parents.  So I thought what a cute idea it would be for them to make a coupon book for their parents that had things in it like, "I will make my bed", or "I will NOT argue with my sister for one entire day!".  Cute right?  Here's what I came up with.  It's nothing fancy but I know the kids' drawings and writing will really make them come to life!  :)


  1. So I've basically spent all morning playing around on blogland- but I'm DYING to know how to insert an *image* of the google doc you link to. I hate that I just have to have the text there...

    Have any tricks to share??

  2. Cute! Cute! Thanks!

    @Katie....I just save my PDF as a Jpeg and post it like a picture. If you just want to save one page your PDF, just crop it with the cropping tool and go to edit "crop", then save as "jpeg". It will only save whatever you cropped as a picture and you can post it on your blog. That's how I do it! I'm sure there is an easier way!

  3. I never thought of that! What I do is..

    When I'm in google docs - I open the document that I want and I right click on the page I want. An option comes up that says something like "Save Image As". I click that and it saves that page as a jpeg. Then I just put the picture in the blog entry and link it using the e-mail/IM link code on google docs it gives us :) You could try that as well :)


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