So busy!

So I'm going to be extremely busy this evening (Grad Work) and won't have time to make a full post but just wanted to ramble off some things.

1.  Found out today that Everyday Math has some iPod Touch apps out there!  They are $1.99 a piece and there are (I think) 6 of them.  I definitely downloaded them for my class set of iPods we have.  Very excited about this since we are adopting this series next year!  If you have EDM and iPods - Check them out!!

2.  Does anyone have any idea what happened to "Suddenly.. 2nd Graders" blog?  She made a post about having to remove some sort of pictures and that 'administration' such her down.  Her blog isn't working now.  I'm just curious as to what happened.  I don't want to break any type of 'blogging policies' out there.  If you see that I'm breaking one please let me know!!

3.  Don't forget about my giveaway that ends tonight at midnight!!  You won't regret it!!

Have a great Thursday night!!


  1. Thanks for the questions about my blog. Yes, we had a message from administration about not having ANYTHING related to students on there (including artwork, etc.) I do have parent permission, but it isn't good enough right now. So, until I have the red tape all figured out, I had to temporarily take down my blog. I am hoping to get it back up and running soon!

  2. I hope you can get everything worked out!! So sorry to hear about that! Darn red tape! ;)

  3. I was wondering what happened too! Good to hear from you about it. And hope to see you back blogging soon.

    I would have never thought twice about posting student artwork, etc. Good to know that it can be questionable...


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