NOT a good day...

Have you ever had a day where EVERYTHING that the kids do aggravates you?  I had absolutely NO patience today.  I don't know why.  I was not in a good mood from minute one when the kids walked in.  I'm not sure what set me off - but it wasn't good!  I felt really bad at the end of the day because the kids definitely got the brunt of my 'anger'.  I really hope tomorrow is better..

On another note - I have an observation on Monday.  I hate being observed...  The only thing that I have been told in the last two years is to 'speak up more in staff meetings because I have a lot to offer."  If that's the worst I've gotten in 3 years I know this observation will go just as good as the others - but alas I'm still nervous.  So I thought I'd run my lovely lesson over all of you out there and get some feedback!  Let me know what you think!

Topic:  Making Connections

Opening Question:  Have you ever been in the middle of reading a book and thought 'Hey!  This reminds me of...."?

*Discuss WOW pages/moments when from when we read and how books can remind us of different people, memories, and feelings in our lives.

*Introduce all three ways to make connections - T2S, T2T, T2W

*(I do) Model making these connections by sharing specific parts of the book Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse.

*Next we will discuss different connections using the book we read last week, Henry's Freedom Box, while filling out a basic graphic organizer using our document camera (principal wants to see technology being used)

*(We do) Pass out a thought bubble cut out to all students (with a post it on the back for a later activity).  I will read a very short story out loud allowing the students to raise their thought bubble up in the air at ANY point that they made a connection - we will discuss connections as they come up from the students.

*(They do) Next, I will put the students into three groups based on their abilities and give each group a short reading passage (different passages based on the groups).  As a group they are to read their passage 2 times.  Then individually they are to write ONE thing their passage reminded them of.

*Finally, I will call back all of the students and we will create an affinity diagram on the front board of their post-it notes.  (We will read and organize them into T2T, T2S, and T2W connections)

* We fill finish by reviewing all three types of connections.

Please please please let me know what you think.  The principal said he's looking for differentiation, technology, and a quality tool (affinity diagram).  With the differentiation - we already ability group and I have the high ability reading group so its sometimes hard to differentiate..  Please any feedback is greatly appreciated!


  1. I think this is going to go great, you have nothing to worry about! Are you observed for the entire lesson? I have never had an administrator stay for more than 20 minutes during an "official" observation. Let us know how it goes.

  2. Sounds likes a great lesson! I'm sure your principal will be very impressed! :)


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