New Blog Design

I'm looking for someone who knows how to design blogs.  I like my design... but it's SOOOO teachery!!  I want something more crafty and cute looking.  Does anyone have anyone to recommend?  Thanks!!


  1. I do!! Go to my personal blog for more info!

    Hope I can help you!!

  2. Thanks! I checked out your blog but didn't see anything! :( Where should I be looking?? Thanks!

  3. I have a post about it and some samples! Scroll down a little bit..

  4. I see that you make the blog headers and buttons - should I assume they come with backgrounds? LoL I don't know much about how to make blogs, etc... Are those the only designs you have?

  5. Kristen Walsky from Teacher Gone Techie...created my new blog can follow the link to find her.


  6. Check out Jessica Sprague!
    I took her Blog class and created my own... She gives you some pre-made ideas as well. :) Also, check out Sweet Shoppe Designs. She has a "Blog in a Box" for only $5.00 and they are really cute! It's easy to install as well.


  7. Good luck with your blog makeover. Love your blog-I'm a new follower!


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