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So this week was CRAZY!!!  It's crazy how your body forgets what working an entire week feels like.  I was exhausted every night - I didn't even have the strength to blog!  And you all know how tired you have to be to not do that!  Well, I am now caught up on sleep and am very excited to share all of my lovely Quality Tool printables with everyone!  :)  I had a few people interested in knowing more and wanting the list that our school has compiled of how the teachers are using them in their classrooms.  Enjoy!  

For each quality tool there is a summary sheet - which just tells about the quality tool and gives a few ideas on how to use it and then there's the actual tool itself.

Quality Tools:  

Affinity Diagram

Issue Bin






I really hope these are helpful for others.  If you need any more ideas on how to use them in the classroom just let me know! )  

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  1. Thank you so much for these great tools and explanations! Please note that the Plus/Delta summary did not post correctly. Can you fix this?


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