Ok - so our school has voted and we are receiving the TAP grant from our lovely federal government.  With this grant - our school gets to 'hire' two mentor teachers and a master teacher.  The mentor teachers are teachers who still teach in the classroom - but get to lead professional development, assist teachers, and do other fun things.  The master teacher gets to do the same but they are no longer with a class.  Anywhoo - I am VERY interested in the mentor teacher position.  I like the fact that I still get to be in the classroom but I also get to help out teachers.  I feel that I'm very dedicated to my job and use a lot of my free time to create materials, research, and try to do my best for everyone.  HOWEVER - I hate interviews and of course there is an interview process for this position.  I'm assuming this interview would be very different from a normal teacher interview process.  I'm thinking a lot of 'situational' questions.  Here's what I need from you.  Please please please help me come up with a list of possible questions that you think I might be up against.  I want to be as prepared as possible!!  Also - they said we can bring a portfolio.  What types of things do you think would go into this portfolio.  My last one had things that dealt with classroom management and my fabulous units - but that's not what they will want to see.

So - possible interview questions and what to put in my portfolio?  I need YOUR help!!!!  I don't know how I'll repay you if you help me out - but I promise I'll come up with something.  I'm making a measurement unit - maybe a free copy?  THANKS!!!


  1. I don't have my portfolio with me so I can't give you details but I put in one section my lesson plan formats & newsletters I had created, another section had certificates I had gotten. A third section had all my annual evaluations. I also had a section for some great lessons I had documentation of or even some activity samples, so that they can see what you are capable of. I can email you a more detailed list of everything I had in mine but I think that is a good starting place.

    As for interview questions, I was part of an interview team here at my school last year, but I don't think that those questions would be what they will ask you. Maybe something along the line of how do you

  2. Sorry my last comment got stuck. I will continue here.

    Something along the lines of:

    "How would you help/ motivate a teacher?"
    "What would you offer a teacher who is struggling in a particular area?"
    "What are you strengths & weaknesses?"
    "What is one time you can think of that things didn't go well & how did you grow from that experience?"

    I hope that helps.

    Ms. M

  3. As far as a portfolio goes, I automatically think back to these "interview portfolios" I had to make in college- I had a tab for each of the professional teaching standards (Illinois has these- I'm assuming Indiana too??). Anyways, maybe set it up that way and then include a little reflection/write up about that standard and evidence of it? (ie: Classroom management; include a write up and then put in pictures of your set up/routines/behavior management??)

    Just a thought... good luck!!

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  5. You may want to google possible interview questions. I am currently a school improvement coach (formerly building coach) and it sounds similar to the master teacher position. I would think they would want to know how you would "coach" other teachers and what you are prepared to do to roll out professional development. I also work a lot with supporting strategies that the district wants implemented as well as data collection and formative assessment. Again, you may want to look into some "coaching" type resources. I would suggest a cognitive coaching search or adaptive schools work search for further info on these topics. There is TONS of info on coaching. Good luck!!

  6. I know that I recently was part of an interview committee for a Literacy Specialist position and RTI was a biggie...I hope it helps a little. Good luck!!


  7. A question might be about how you would help a teacher who is struggling but not reaching out for help. Another question might address how you would build a relationship with teachers.

  8. I actually went through the TAP interview and am I mentor teacher at my school. A few questions I remember being asked are:

    1. What is the first thing you should look at before planning instruction?
    2. How would you handle a resistant teacher?
    3. How would you handle a teacher who does not implement or apply the strategy that was presented during cluster?
    4. What would you say to a teacher who has more years of experience than you and questions your qualifications to be her/his mentor?

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