Monday, February 14, 2011


Ok - so I really want a new look for my blog.  I have NO idea how to download and get all of the neat things everyone else has.  I love the teacher look, but its really too teacher-y for me.  I've looked at some sites of custom blog designs and they ask like $40 or more!  I don't have that much money to sink into a blog right now.  I was wondering if someone out there could help me get mine looking good with a free blog template from like shabby blogs or somewhere else.  I'm willing to spend about $20, but that's about it.  I just really have no clue how to do this!!  Help please! :)



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  3. i have used leelou blogs and love them!! She has so many free and they are available in both backgrounds and whole templates! See her stuff at:

    I also have currently a blog template from Hers are more modern looking and I love them too! (AND FREE TOO!)

    See mine at:

  4. I have used Dotty Dot Dot (they also have free, pre-made just add your own font) and Shabby Blogs. I think my current background/header is dotty dot dot but I got my signature from Shabby Blogs.....all free!

  5. Kristen over at
    has some super cute layouts and I believe they are only $5.00!

  6. Ok - I love all of these websites.. but I don't know how to change or do anything. I've spent the entire evening trying to change it and its not working :( I'd be willing to give someone my blogger username and password if they could change it for me. Let me know if you're willing to help!

  7. Nevermind! I figured out how to use the Leeleu blog templates :)

  8. I use Kristen too at She is fabulous and her designs are only used once. All of them are fabulous, but I made a mess of my blog and she really helped me out!


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