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Not a bad start to the week.  Today SHOULD have been another day off for our "February Vacation" but those darn snow days we had threw us off!!  Alas - we were in school today.  Everyone, teachers included, were 1/2 asleep.  It was a simple day - got a lot done.  Nothing much more to say.  Tomorrow will be a different story.  Our intermediate school's gym teacher won a contest and we get to benefit.  Tomorrow - we are the lucky recipients of a Radio Disney Dance Party!!!!!  (I'll let you assume how many of those exclamation points are real and how many are sarcastic..)  HAHA!  It's going to be a crazy day.  We have to eat in our rooms during lunch because they will be setting up.  Should be a fun day.  :)  I'll update you more tomorrow.

I posted a new mini unit on TPT today as well.  It's a quotation mark mini unit that includes three VERY adorable and engaging quotation mark activities.

*Finish the Sentence - Quotation Race Game
*Cwunchy Qwotations
*Quiet Quotations

I've done two out of the three with my kids and they've been BIG hits.  I'm excited to do the 3rd tomorrow :)  Let me know what you think if you download it!  And JUST because it's 6:00 and I'm done with dinner and have nothing else to do tonight and I'm in a good mood - I'll give a FREE quotation unit away to the first reader who comments on this post.  :)

Happy Tuesday!!

You can get it here!!  Hope you like :)


  1. We are starting to talk about quotation marks and personal narrartives. Have fun at your party!!!!

  2. Darn it! I need that. I will head over and check it out.

  3. Meadowt - may I have your e-mail please???

    Hadar - you WERE so close!!!

    Abby - It's well worth it - I promise!!

    I am so excited to start using your activities!!!


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