Hello there! I'm so excited to start this blog and to share my passion for teaching with my students, parents, community, and friends. I really hope I can stay up on this blog. I've tried blogging in the past about my life and other specific things but they were all unsuccessful. :( But what better to blog about than the thing in life that I love to do most - teach! My blog might seem a bit sporadic at first, but after a while I hope to get into the groove of things. I thought I would start off by talking and sharing one of my biggest passions in education today - technology. I've only been teaching for three years, very young in an education career. But in those short three years I have grown to be very passionate about the technology that I use in my classroom. I am very fortunate to have a lot of technology - a lot more than most. In my classroom you'll find a class set of iPod Touches, a document camera, a class set of clickers, a mobi, a projector, 4 PC student computers, 1 Mac teacher computer, 1 thinclient teacher computer, and a dvd/vcr player. I have very much embraced this technology in the last few years and use every inch of it to my advantage with the students. The video posted above really shows how I feel and use technology in the classroom. In my next few posts I hope to share some documents and ideas that specifically show the usage of this technology. Enjoy!


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  2. Oh my gosh, I LOVE your blog graphics!!! I've got blog envy :) Super cute!!

    Mrs. Bee
    Bee's KinderGarden


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