Welcome Students!!  Below you will find all of your Wordly Wise lists as well as your basal spelling lists.  Please print these off as needed.  If at any time you find an error, please let me know as soon as possible!!  

*Note:  Please see 'How-To' direction below on how to download the documents from Google Docs!  

Need ideas on how to practice studying for your Wordly Wise and Basal Spelling?  Download these easy activities! (click on the words 'easy activities')

Week 1, August 29 - Sept 2:               Wordly Wise     Basal Spelling
Week 2, Sept. 6-9:                                 Wordly Wise     Basal Spelling
Week 3, Sept. 12-16:                           Wordly Wise     Basal Spelling
Week 4, Sept. 19-23:                           Wordly Wise     Basal Spelling
Week 5, Sept. 26 - 30:                        Wordly Wise     Basal Spelling
Week 6, Oct. 3-7:                                 Wordly Wise     Basal Spelling
Week 7, Oct. 10-14:                            Wordly Wise     Basal Spelling

No Wordly Wise or Spelling the week of Oct. 17-21 due to Fall Break

Week 8, Oct. 24-28:                            Wordly Wise     Basal Spelling
Week 9, Oct. 31 - Nov. 4:                   Wordly Wise     Basal Spelling
Week 10, Nov. 7-11:                           No Wordly Wise or Spelling
Week 11, Nov. 14-18:                        Wordly Wise     Basal Spelling

No Wordly Wise or Spelling the week of Nov. 21-25 due to Thanksgiving Break

Week 12, Nov. 28 - Dec. 2:                 Wordly Wise     Basal Spelling
Week 13, Dec. 5-9:                              Wordly Wise     Basal Spelling
Week 14, Dec. 12-16:                         Wordly Wise     Basal Spelling
Week 15, Dec. 19-22:                        Wordly Wise     Basal Spelling

There will be no spelling the 2nd semester of the 2011-2012 school year.

Week 16, Jan. 10-13:                       Wordly Wise     

Week 17, Jan. 17-20:                       Wordly Wise     
Week 18, Jan. 23-27:                        Wordly Wise     
Week 19, Jan. 30 - Feb. 3:              Wordly Wise  

Beginning this week, we will now be taking Two weeks for every lesson in Wordly Wise.  Therefore you will see the same list two weeks in a row.  The lists are getting more challenging and longer so I want to make sure all students have enough time to prepare for the quiz.  
Week 20, Feb. 6-10:                         Wordly Wise     
Week 21, Feb. 13-17:                     Wordly Wise     

No Wordly Wise or Basal spelling the week of Feb. 20-24 due to President's day break

Week 22, Feb. 27 - March 2:                   Wordly Wise     
Week 23, March 5-9:                          Wordly Wise     (Same as last week)
Week 24, March 12-16:                     Wordly Wise     
Week 25, March 19-23:                    Wordly Wise     
Week 26, March 26-29:                    Wordly Wise    
Week 27, April 9-13:                         Wordly Wise (Prefixes & Suffixes)   
Week 28, April 16-20:                       Wordly Wise  (Prefixes & Suffixes)  
Week 29, April 23-27:                       Wordly Wise     
Week 30, April 30 - May 4:               Wordly Wise     
Week 31, May 7-11:                           Wordly Wise     
Week 32, May 14-18:                         Wordly Wise    

Directions on how to download the documents from Google Docs:
1.   Click on the link you want to download.  This will take you to the document via Google Docs
2.   Click on the word 'File'
3.   Click on the words 'Download As'
4.   Click on the word 'PDF'

The document will download to your computer.  It's that easy!! :)  

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