iPod Touches in the Classroom

I was very lucky last year when I was approached by my principal and asked to pilot having 30 iPod Touches in my classroom.  Wow!  Are you kidding me?  I was a second year teacher and out of everyone he chose me.  I was honored and definitely and eagerly said YES!  So in the past year and a half I can come up with and discovered a lot of great ideas on how to use iPods in the classroom.  I thought I would take some time and share some of the resources I've made in hopes that they can help someone else out there!  Below is a fun, simple fractions lesson you can use with the iPods.  You will need to download a free application called ScribbleLite (or any other type of 'paint' app) to complete this activity.  Download the activity here or click to get it below!

And here is a great list of all of the applications we have on our iPods.  Some are free and some cost around $.99 but well worth the money!

Finally I'd like to share another great resource... a website.  If you use iPods in the classroom and don't receive e-mails from freeappallert.com you need to sign up TODAY!  The website is:  http://freeappalert.com/

Its a free site that sends out an e-mail everyday of applications for the iPad and iPod Touch that have recently gone from costing money to being free.  They aren't always educational, but then other days you'll hit the jackpot.  And a word to the wise - if you find one you want make sure you download it quickly because they'll only stay free for a day or two and then they go back to costing $$!  :)  Sign up today!

(My husband is nudging me to go to bed now - I'll post more later!  Happy Friday tomorrow everyone!)


  1. That is awesome! I am so jealous! I would love to get ipod touches! I only worry that my kiddos would break them...


  2. They are a lot more durable than you think!! We've had them dropped, stepped on, and thrown... and that's just by me!! ;) I love your blog as well. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Awesome!! I also piloted iPod touches in my room last year (and continue with them this year)- so it's great to find someone else who is using them to share ideas with! We use ours a lot during our Daily 5 choice time- I took books on tape (well really cd nowadays) and burned them into iTunes... then I set aside a bin labeled "iPod books" that go along with the stories. Students can then listen to the books on the iPods.

    We also download a lot of word work apps... then they can practice different word building skills.

    This year, we have been making our own flashcards in powerpoint and uploaded them as images- the students can then practice different flash cards as well (we do our vocabulary words, science/social studies words, math vocab...)

    Thanks for sharing your ideas!! :)

  4. Thanks! They are such a wonderful tool!! I too have downloaded many different ebooks to them as well as flashcards and powerpoints as well. Their posibilities are endless! Love your blog! :)

  5. You may want to check out TALES2GO. They have tons of books read aloud. It is in the app store. They were giving away free memberships to schools last month. Not sure if it is still going on but may if you email them.


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