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So we begin cause and effect this month and I'm always looking for ways to really spruce up this concept and make it really fun and interesting for the kids.  I made this graphic organizer with the inspiration of a game my husband and I got for Christmas.  The game's concept is this:  Everyone playing has a piece of paper.  We all take a card - on the card is a scene.  We draw the scene on our piece of paper.  Then we roll a dice and pass it along according to the dice.  The next paper we get we look at the picture that was drawn and we write a caption.  Then we roll and pass again.  Here's the catcher!  The next paper we get we can ONLY look at the caption.  We cannot look at the first picture drawn.  Then we must draw a picture based on the caption only.  We continue this probably 5-6 times and then we get our original back and get to see how messed up they are.  It's pretty much a illustration game version of the game Telephone.

So here's what I was thinking on how to use this with Cause and Effect.  I made a very simple graphic organizer of basically boxes and arrows.  Each student will begin with their sheet of paper and I'll have all of the students think of a cause and effect situation in their minds (we will have discussed C&E many times before this).  On their graphic organizer they then write the effect in the first box.  Then we pass the paper on and the next paper they get they have to write a cause.  And so on until the graphic organizer's full.  Then we'll give the paper back to the original owner and he/she gets to see how their original idea planned out.  I'm going to really stress to the kids to have fun with this and be creative!!  I'm excited to see what they come up with :)  Please let me know what you think!

Download the graphic organizer HERE!

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